Contest Results: Cool Colours

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Ended 09/03/16 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: Joanie (See the full results)

1st place
Twist In The Sky by Joanie

trixxie17: Congrats on your win Joanie!!

LynEve: A splendid creation Joanie. I love those colours and swirls.
On to my desktop methinks !

mesmerized: Love the motion and luminescence of cool colors...beautiful work and lovely of luck, Joanie.

Joanie received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Down By The Ocean by jerseygurl

tigger3: What a lovely presentation, a fave for me Laura. I do hope your weekend is a good one. tigs=^..^=

corngrowth: This is wonderful, Laura.

Haven't seen such a surprising and well toned background before. It's resembles the color of the water in a Caribbean shallow lagoon at noon, lol. It has intensified the beauty of the foof's.

Excellent Foofy Friday Image!

jerseygurl received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Feel'n The Blues At Sunset by tigger3

Constance52347: Congrats on placing 3rd in the current contest!

icedancer: A big Congratulations on 3rd place

mesmerized: I'm really feelin' this one too SAS and this may be one of those rare occasions when I agree with Les, lol...would make a super entry in the Cool Colours contest...beautiful scene and 'playing around'...faved.

4th place
Blue Supernova by purmusic

purmusic: Lolol.

Glad I wasn't taking a sip of tea when this page and your comment loaded, Nik.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and.. for the laugh.


jerseygurl: Congrats Les on taking 4th place in the contest!!!!!!!

5th place
Blue Meets Blue by LynEve

Ramad: Matching sea and sky! Nice work on this one Lyn.

bfrank: Congrats Lyn...It is a beauty!

trixxie17: Excellent entry for the contest Lyn - all sorts of blue-purple shades in this.

Hottrockin: Terrific tones of calming blue!!

Constance52347: Congrats on placing in the Cool Colors contest.