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Ended 09/20/16 4:15 AM GMT
Winner: jerseygurl (See the full results)

1st place
Color Spectrum by jerseygurl

icedancer: This is so cool and the colours are fantastic

corngrowth: Congratulations Laura for winning the 'Diagonal' contest! Cheers, my friend!

J_E_F: Makes for a great desktop - and a 'win' too. Congrats!

gr8fulted: Ooooo, this is a really nice one!

jerseygurl received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Plane by elektronist

jerseygurl: Nice one Tanju - an excellent entry for the contest should you choose to enter - Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

Ramad: Congrats on your second place Tanju. This was a perfect shot as diagonal.

mesmerized: Up into the wild blue yonder...great shot!

elektronist received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Scene Seen On The Seine by gr8fulted

icedancer: Congratulations on your 3rd place in the contest Diagonal, way to go

tigger3: Now this is totally different, and very well done, the only thing I would have done different would be to crop the sliver at the top of the image, but that is just my thought. Kudos, this is really cool!

4th place
Leading Somewhere by Flmngseabass

Constance52347: Great contest entry!!

tigger3: Oh wtg this is superb! tigs=^..^=

jerseygurl: Great shot Bruce - a great entry to the contest - Good Luck!!!!!!

bfrank: Good diagonal here. Good entry Bruce.

corngrowth: This (these) stairway(s) to nowhere meet(s) the Diagonal contest topic perfectly, Bruce.

Good Luck with it Buddy!

5th place
Summer time by ekowalska

purmusic: Not.. just.. yet.

Still taking in the scene.
Give me a minute or two more..

Lovely shot, Ewa.

You really nailed the technical considerations, in light of the slight mist/fog. Clarity and focus is good good throughout. As is the exposure.

Composition is strong.. and with the orientation of both; the dock and boat. Only thing left is to look forward out onto the waters and count the fish that will be on the stringer by the end of day. And in turn.. dinner.

And.. but, of course.. thanks for sharing this one with us.

It's.. ahem.. a 'keeper' (<-- get it? huh? huh? like a regulation-sized fish.. it's a.. ok, I'm done).

+fav for me.

(p.s. Ya know.. "Diagonal".)