Contest Results: Still Life

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Ended 01/28/17 3:15 PM GMT
Winner: jerseygurl (See the full results)

1st place
Shells by jerseygurl

corngrowth: Laura, congratulations for winning the 'Still Life' contest!

icedancer: Super entry and like all the different shapes and sizes in the shells - good luck

Ramad: Congrats on the contest win Laura. It was also my first choice.

jerseygurl received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Fruits Anyone? by Ramad

icedancer: Sure looks tasty and makes a outstanding entry and composition, Good Luck

GomekFlorida: Good luck with the contest and great job setting this all up.

Starglow: Looks yummy and it's a fine presentation.

icedancer: Such a Yummy 2nd Place - Congratulations

Ramad received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Kiwifruit by LynEve

jerseygurl: Congratulations Lyn on taking 3rd place!!!

koca: Lovely idea, Lyn. Nice and clear close up.

corngrowth: Lyn, congratulations for your 3rd place in the 'Still Life' contest!

biffobear: Good still life.....R..

Lightpainter: I have known about and eaten Kiwifruit long before I knew about the bird. Then I wasn't sure which came first. It actually took a trip to New Zealand before I realized what a national icon it is for New Zealanders. Nice picture, good luck in the contest.

4th place
Brushing Up On A Few Things by gr8fulted

GomekFlorida: Great still life. Good job setting it up.

jerseygurl: Very nice objects Ted and wonderful colors as well - a delightful still life indeed - Great Capture and Good Luck in the contest!!!!!!!

corngrowth: Perfect still life, Ted. Could be a perfect contender for the current contest as well!

5th place
Sweet Life by trixxie17

Ramad: great idea and a wonderful result. The colors look lovely. A very nice entry for the contest.

bfrank: Nice job Kathy. I really liked this one. Just hate to eat them when they look so pretty but you wouldn't have to force me to much. Congrats on placing in the contest.