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Ended 12/06/09 12:15 AM GMT
Winner: verenabloo (See the full results)

1st place
Silhouettes in the Fog by verenabloo

icedancer: Wow Verena, this is it.

mikerkim: Congratulations, Verena! You really had a fine entry!


Flmngseabass: And the winner is..... The lady in BLOO!!! Congrats and a deserving congrats it is:):)

rozem061: A very, very good entry, Verena !
Wish you good luck, my dear friend !

verenabloo received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
River Docks by allisontaylor

slybri: Well done Elizabeth I knew it was a winner.

Starglow: Gorgeous view.

Stevenn120: A spectacular view.I knew this was your work

Catharina1: Congratulations Elizabeth!! Mich

verenabloo: I think that's the most beautiful shade of orange I've ever seen. But then again, that's what sunsets are all about. The richest colours on earth! You took a wonderful photo, captured all the feelings of the evening. Very lovely. Verena

4th place
Great Egret Silhouette by 100k_xle

JQ: good luck in the contest with this one, its a beauty. shame you have not had time for shooting though, ive been missing your stuff.

luckyshot: EJ - Congratulations! Beautiful photo! Thad

PamParson: Wonderful post, EJ! Love the lighting on his back. Best of luck in the contest!!! :)

5th place
Silhouettes of the Past by busybottle

Starglow: You are right time will wash all away, but you still will have your beautiful capture.

kindred_spirit: Congratulations! really this one is an interesting capture.

twinkel: Congratulations:o)

hirschikiss22: I knew this was yours when I looked in the contest gallery before I even looked to see who it was. I love it! Such gorgeous colors and I love those ghostly posts left over from busy days long gone. Good luck in the contest!