Contest Results: "Shadows silhouette reflections"

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Ended 10/16/17 11:15 AM GMT
Winner: Flmngseabass (See the full results)

1st place
Water Dance by Flmngseabass

Nikoneer: Besides the PM I sent, I should have left a comment here (I think it was when I was packing for a short vacation?). An outstanding submission for the contest--5 stars--in part because it's gorgeous and flowing, and part because it's not simply from pressing a shutter release... you created this from within. Although I mostly photograph nowadays (it's a bit tough to submit a sculpture), I still place true art above most every other form of visual expression. Kudos, Bruce.


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2nd place
Lines by biffobear

icedancer: Absolutely stunning 2nd Place - Congratulations my friend

Flmngseabass: I would be amiss if I didn't congratulate you for this wonderful picture Richie!! Way to go on placing 2nd. Competition was great and so is this!:)

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3rd place
Just Practicing (#4) by gr8fulted

corngrowth: Congratulations Ted for your 3rd place in the "Shadows silhouette reflections" contest!

GomekFlorida: You are doing a great job with this program. Very nice

Nikoneer: It's a very pleasing image with stunning color, Ted, but I can never control my urge to find the "image within the image." In this case it's that delightful rippling in the bottom right. You crop a copy down to that quarter of the original and you've got two great shots for the price of one.


4th place
Guess Where by braces

tigger3: This sure makes a great entry for the contest, great idea, and very good perspective. tigs=^..^=

corngrowth: A glorious welcome to glorious New Brighton, Steve.
Meets perfectly the current contest. To me a winner!
Good Luck with it!

5th place
Berry Drop by tigger3

corngrowth: Congratulations Sandi for your 5th place in the "Shadows silhouette reflections" contest!

0930_23: Congrats on your finish in the contest Tigz. A good entry.

jerseygurl: Congrats Tigs on taking 5th place in the contest!!!!!!!!