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Ended 04/25/10 12:15 AM GMT
Winner: rozem061 (See the full results)

1st place
Blue frame by rozem061

verenabloo: How very delightful this frame is! Of course I love the 'bloo' colour, but the photo is just awesome!! And the graffiti is so cute too. It's like looking at several seperate photo. Very interesting to look at this. Verena

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2nd place
nestor framed by solita17

Logun7: -((*-::-*))- Fantastic Shot -(( *-::-*))-

Hottrockin: Hey, nice ass!!


Too cute!!

purmusic: Well, you gone done did it ... a -gain.

Presented us with yet another "Solita" image. :o)

The lighting elements and quality of, alone ... are a standout to my eyes.

Add in the contrasts on a couple of fronts; textures (many), cool versus warm colours, and and and ... most impressive photo.

Perhaps the technical proficiency exhibited might not be as tangible or as obvious to all ... however, I do believe that that will resonate with your viewers on varying levels. (The changes in lighting within frame comes to the forefront in my mind as a consideration on the technical front. To name the most obvious.)

This is really an exceptional photo to my eyes. Sincerely.

The only caveat that I have, and it is minor ... and undecided as well, to an extent ... is the slight perceived 'tilt'.

I don't think you have to correct it to being perfectly level (referencing where the boards in the upper right are joined vertically and then form a horizontal line of sorts that descends from left to right ... 'perceptually', that is, being the operative word). Just a tad.

Rotating counter-clockwise to near vertical with the spaces between said boards as the reference line(s) instead.

And then, of course ... there is Nestor in all of this. Framed wonderfully. :o)

Best of luck to you, Mary. And thanks for sharing your artistic and innate eye for a great shot with us.

p.s. (*pauses to read what has been written thus far ...*)

Huh. And the caffeine has yet to kick in this morning ... be afraid, very ... very ... afraid. :oP

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4th place
Emerald water by Samatar

rvdb: Congratulations Sam on your 4th place.


danika: Works very well for the contest. I especially like the criss-cross lines of the tree branches to create a unique frame around the water & pier. The water with its reflections are beautiful too. Nicely done Sam ... best wishes in the contest.