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Ended 04/25/10 12:15 AM GMT
Winner: rozem061 (See the full results)

1st place
Blue frame by rozem061

KT11109: A very nice original image. Well done.

Dunstickin: Nicely done and composed John..

Different and looks good

Good luck mate!..

Logun7: -::-:*'""*:.-::-*Congratulations*-::-:*'''''*:-::- John on your first place win in the "Framing" contest!!!!

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2nd place
nestor framed by solita17

0930_23: Congratulation HF for the 2nd place finish. It is a great shot and could have just as easily won the election. Probably lost because it is a Democrat. :)

purmusic: Well, you gone done did it ... a -gain.

Presented us with yet another "Solita" image. :o)

The lighting elements and quality of, alone ... are a standout to my eyes.

Add in the contrasts on a couple of fronts; textures (many), cool versus warm colours, and and and ... most impressive photo.

Perhaps the technical proficiency exhibited might not be as tangible or as obvious to all ... however, I do believe that that will resonate with your viewers on varying levels. (The changes in lighting within frame comes to the forefront in my mind as a consideration on the technical front. To name the most obvious.)

This is really an exceptional photo to my eyes. Sincerely.

The only caveat that I have, and it is minor ... and undecided as well, to an extent ... is the slight perceived 'tilt'.

I don't think you have to correct it to being perfectly level (referencing where the boards in the upper right are joined vertically and then form a horizontal line of sorts that descends from left to right ... 'perceptually', that is, being the operative word). Just a tad.

Rotating counter-clockwise to near vertical with the spaces between said boards as the reference line(s) instead.

And then, of course ... there is Nestor in all of this. Framed wonderfully. :o)

Best of luck to you, Mary. And thanks for sharing your artistic and innate eye for a great shot with us.

p.s. (*pauses to read what has been written thus far ...*)

Huh. And the caffeine has yet to kick in this morning ... be afraid, very ... very ... afraid. :oP

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4th place
Emerald water by Samatar

solita17: Hey, Sam... Congrats on your winning image! I liked the natural frame that the trees made...

verenabloo: That colour reflecting in the water is amazing Sam! And the natural framing is grand! Very nice entry for the contest.V