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Ended 07/12/10 12:15 AM GMT
Winner: coram9 (See the full results)

1st place
The Door to Reality by coram9

tealeaves: Congratulations on taking first place in the doors contest, Chris! Well deserving, and I'm so happy to see a CG artist get it!!

Bursa: Well done, great piece of art work.

J_E_F: Congratulations!

0930_23: This will be difficult to beat in the contest Chris. Best of luck.


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2nd place
Alcatraz by J_E_F

Dunstickin: Is this for the comp?

Tis' a grand view from that jail door!....

Did the 'Birdman's' budgie escape then!...

verenabloo: Frightening to see this door. But looking at it from inside out towards the wonderful GOlden Gate bridge, gives a great feeling. It must have been difficult for the people who used to be in that prison tho. Great photo indeed. Verena

J_E_F received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
The church is closed! by andreea_kamelya

Nikoneer: Looking at it as a thumbnail I first thought you had used a painting filter on it, but enlarging it made me realize that no, it really looks like this. I love the extreme aging on the raw and painted wood alike. Also you've got a lot more than just one door here; two small gate-like doors, a doorway arch, and a barred door in the back. I also like the way the support framing on the right gate overlaps into the left gate. Very unusual. I can see why it's your favorite of your door photos. Good luck in the contest, my young friend.


4th place
View from the Doorway by casechaser

SEFA: Congratulations for your 4:th placement in the Doors contest.
It is a wonderful photo!

Roseman_Stan: Love the angle of this shot John. Excellent work again. :o)


KT11109: Great angle....feels like a ghost town.