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Ended 07/31/10 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: tealeaves (See the full results)

1st place
Ocular Art by tealeaves

Nikoneer: When I was a wee child, the blinking eyeball seen in the "Twilight Zone" intro always gave me the heebie jeebies, probably because I had seen an old black & white movie about a woman who was murdered and dropped in a closet that had a hole in the floor. The woman in the apartment below looks up at one point and sees the open eye of the dead woman staring down at her through that hole. Not that your image is giving me the heebie jeebies, it just reminded me of that. This actually looks more like the staring eyes of a cat, with those red wavy lines coming across like its snout whiskers. Very unique fractal, Lori.


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2nd place
Buckeyes by Jimbobedsel

Joanie: Amazing nuts! a great piece of work and I'm sure this should do very well in the contest. Good luck darlin!

tigger3: Outstanding contest entry! Different and yet your post work is excellent. Good luck, I think you have a good chance.

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3rd place
You Looking At Me? by braces

Jimbobedsel: I love the look on it's face. It reminds me of the way my teachers back in school looked at me. LOL. Excellent close up, Steve.

0930_23: I think I will call this one Robert, Caruso. He has that stare.

You got the clarity and the background perfect.


4th place
On Holiday by coram9

avedeloff: Very creepy but creative. A great piece of work.

Mythmaker: Wry and insightful image Chris. Is the Raven on holiday too? :) Good luck in the contest mate.

sharonva: What an amusing pic! Love the bird!

Trae03: i absolutely love this picture! congrats on the win, very well deserved i have this background on my phone and laptop =]

5th place
Soulful Eyes by 100k_xle

corngrowth: Suppose this is your entry for the 'Eyes' contest, E.J.
If so, like to say it's a good entry, and wish you Good Luck, my friend.
Hope you'll be able to participate more in the near furure, as I miss you wonderful posts!
Regards, Cornelius.