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Ended 11/03/10 4:15 AM GMT
Winner: Jay_Underwood (See the full results)

1st place
Forest of October by Jay_Underwood

allisontaylor: Yeah, the mention of the violin adds a nice mood while viewing this scene. Lovely special lighting. I think the uniform colors are interesting too. I'm on the fence with the frame. : ) Great to see you post more!

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3rd place
Perch Upon a Rainbow by aboogie

wheedance: So cool that the school is doing this! Lovely shot. Congrats!

rotcivski: Wow all that reds. How did you take that shot. It would have drove me crazy. Good job.


Logun7: .` ♥..
..) .*)
..) .*)
(.♥ (.♥

4th place
Changing Colors of Autumn by espinosa6pack

purmusic: Very nicely composed image.

Going to be bold here, you ready?

I am going to guess that you were dealing with a somewhat problematic sky here. As in, possibly over-exposed.

If so, some creative food for thought for you on the note of exposure:

"Exposure - Film and light record image"



/\ Kidding a bit in the above.

Mind you, there are a myriad of ways and image editing tutorials on the 'how to stuff'.

You've balanced out the blues in the sky with their counterpart; reflections on the water ... well. (Compositionally speaking, that is.)

What has seemed to happen is that by uppingthe colour saturation ... some details are lost.

So, my counsel/advice (friendly) here, would be to dial that back some.

However, and with that said?

Artisitic licence taken? Of course, I can respect that.


5th place
Burnished Bark by Silvanus

luckyshot: Steve - A cool effect - a good eye to see it, a skillful capture. Thad

rforres: I saw this in the voting booth and had to find out what it was. It looks almost metallic and yet also natural at the same time. Very cool effect! :)