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Ended 01/06/12 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: 100k_xle (See the full results)

1st place
A Dream Perspective by 100k_xle

Starry173: This was such a good idea. Unbelievably full of Wonder.

solita17: Another congratz from me! You have a lively imagination, EJ, and you put it to good use!

casechaser: EJ, fascinating picture and best wishes in the contest! ~~ John

100k_xle received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
rock harbor perspective by solita17

Foxfire66: Excellant Composition Mary. Love the colors!!

galaxygirl1: Beautiful capture!

ro_and: oh that's awesome for the contest, good luck ...Ro

Sinestro: Nice coloring, Reflections, and Composition... a Little Dark on the Left, but, That sky More than makes up for it, and the Darker shades Force ones eye's to It... Beautiful Work!

solita17 received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
feather by JQ

tigger3: Congrats on your third place Jan. Kudos!

ro_and: go on playing, love the results.....Ro

Catharina1: Congratulations Jan! Mich

dmk: Oh Wow! Faving this. Amazing stuff!

ryzst: This is one of those existential macros that plays with the mind on several levels. Your intuition of what 'play' means led to a great composition and something to ponder. Mesmerizing work. Do it again.

4th place
Bow Bridge Perspective by Piner

Logun7: Great entry!! Best of luck to you in the contest:)

Joanie: Cool perspective!!! I would have preferred the shot a bit sharper though:)

Piner: Joanie,

Thanks for the comment,

I can't expect you to understand the photographic arts since you do fractal art, but I can explain parts of it to you and hope you absorb some of what I pass on to you for future reference when viewing photos. Who knows, you may be the first to use a certain photographic effect in your fractal art.

Not every part of every photo is supposed to be totally in focus. It is called Depth of Field (DOF) or "Bokeh" and it is done on purpose for several reasons.

1) To make a photo more pleasing to the eye by isolating the subject of the image from the background/foreground.

2) It is often employed to accentuate the distance between two or more points in the image.

3) It can be used to leave an aspect of an image up to the viewer's imagination/interpretation by hinting that something is there without having it defined by the camera.

4) Sometimes it gives a photo a dreamy quality or heightens the mood of an image.

I hope that clears up why it was not as sharp as you think it should have been.

5th place
Toy? by zunazet

BarnArt: Good job on this one!

tigger3: Excellent creation!

egggray: Very well done.

0930_23: Congrats on your finish in the contest David.

CDHale: I'm loving this whimisical creative shot(s). Well done, now put the toys down and get back to work!...hehe