Contest Results: "What is it?"

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Ended 02/09/12 2:15 AM GMT
Winner: nanadoo (See the full results)

1st place
Fire and Ice by nanadoo

AlatarielIdril: Um.... yeah, WOW! Very cool!

cynlee: Congratulations, Rita. That was a very lovely entry.

Logun7: Congratulations!!!

krt: A stunning shot and a worthy winner. Well done!

Nikoneer: I covered up your explanation so my wife could try to figure out what it was... she thought champagne bubbles. Without your explanation I don't think I would have gotten it either but you're right... pure magic! I'm gonna keep this one. I'd wish you good luck in the contest but I don't think you'll need it. Your colors, angle of the shot and DOF are perfect. The out-of-focus pinpoints of light, octagonal in shape, remind me of being a child, taking my glasses off, and sliding under the Christmas tree (I was considerably smaller then)... the tree lights farther from me looked like this and was one of the coolest memories I have as a kid. This brings it right back.


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2nd place
Hmmm - What is it? by luckyshot

Ramad: Since you mentioned Riverton I expect that this is not a child's drawing although it looks very much like that. I'll wait for the solution from you Thad.

ovar2008: For me this is a glass made in Marinha Grande (our great glass factories). Great DT my friend.

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3rd place
Oh, What IS It? by cynlee

osifa: It is very funny frame and good idea. I don't know contest result but this perfect photo is winner of my heart. Good luck.:)

Fifthbeatle: The man to the left with yellow glasses seems to be saying, "I don't know what it is... but I LIKE IT!"

4th place
In&Out by zunazet

J_E_F: Hard drives?

Are you going to say what it is??????

coram9: Nice one. I won't say what it is. It also makes a good desktop. The diagonals and shallow DoF work well.

Marzena: Recently I have become somewhat prejudiced about this contest - since my difficult riddle has been disclosed so easily LOL
Yours looks hard really. Good one too.

5th place
What is it? by krt

zunazet: Congrats on placing in the contest with this very interesting photo.

Jhihmoac: Some REALLY bad...never mind! Nice design...

tklemz: I think it may be something you would use in a fish tank.
Like one of those decorative mountains(or whatever they are!)