Contest Results: "What is it?"

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Ended 02/09/12 2:15 AM GMT
Winner: nanadoo (See the full results)

1st place
Fire and Ice by nanadoo

Fifthbeatle: good job and congrats on # 1

slushie: Great shot

Logun7: Congratulations!!!

krt: A stunning shot and a worthy winner. Well done!

cynlee: Wow, I guess so! This is the kind of thing fractalists attempt to create in software programs. So pretty.

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2nd place
Hmmm - What is it? by luckyshot

0930_23: My grandson's are convinced it is fish in a tank Thad. They (5 & 8) love the colors. That is a good enough recommendation for me.
Beautiful desktop.


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3rd place
Oh, What IS It? by cynlee

Joanie: Wow, how sharp and clear these people are!!!! Really outstanding Cindy!!! And I have no idea what it

Starglow: Nice shot of the interested folks. The kids look amazed. Super photo.

krt: Lovely shot Cindy and congratulations on gaining 3rd place! Now... whatever is it they're looking at?!?

4th place
In&Out by zunazet

krt: Nice work and a most unusual subject. Well done on gaining 4th place!

coram9: Nice one. I won't say what it is. It also makes a good desktop. The diagonals and shallow DoF work well.

Eubeen: I think you might have voided the warranty to get this shot. Good focus work in the photo and nice lines. Best of luck in the contest.

5th place
What is it? by krt

krt: Lots of interesting suggestions, but still none of them right on the button. Lol! All will be revealed soon.

krt: Lots of good guesses so far - but none correct. Lol!

cynlee: Looks like a mitochondria.

Nikoneer: Those non-symmetrical oblong shapes with the lighter colored edges must be the open ends of the more flat, light- to medium-blue shapes, so that means those shapes are hollow. Some are open, some are not. There appears to be a gelatinous surface inside the open ones, and they have what look like spores on the outside. I think they may be organic and possibly aquatic. I used to be a scuba diver and remember seeing underwater plants, sponges, even some corals that look a lot like this. As for the bright yellow, orange, and green irregularly rounded shapes... molds or egg sacs? I've been doing pretty well with figuring out many of the submissions for this contest but I'm really not sure about this one. I give a 9 for color and a 7 for suggested creepiness. It would make an interesting screen but I can't dance to it. What? You never watched American Bandstand back in the 50s and 60s?

Then again, it's possible it's a sculpture. While most of it is organic in shape (but not really color, unless this is a lost episode of "Star Trek"), just below the main cluster of yellow and orange globules there is a flat dark gray area running about half-way across the photo, plus another 5 or so small spots of the same flat gray material scattered about, almost like a base that all these shapes were attached to. There's also two square-edged light shapes below that same cluster that are definitely not globular in character. In fact they look a little bit like pieces of double-sided tape. Hmmmmm.

But... again, then again... it could be the inside of the head of one of brothers-in law. I've always had my suspicions about the way he thinks.

Ah well, you've promised to tell us so we'll just have to wait. Good luck in the contest.