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Ended 03/26/13 11:15 AM GMT
Winner: coram9 (See the full results)

1st place
Freezing Fog by coram9

Con_: Chris... I can say that I like this but I can't say why!... so a comment you received... criticism... none (on my part!)  ☺


rvdb: As In said in my comment Chris "contrast is not that important good work" so congrats on your win for a winning shot.


coram9 received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Foggy Morning on the Board Walk by icedancer

nanadoo: Yep! Moody is a great adjective here! Great composition!

Nikoneer: When experiencing fog in a landscape, one usually has it in abundance, nearly obliterating everything in view. In that situation it's difficult to see the difference (within the same photograph) between the fog and the same scene untouched by the earthbound cloud. Your photo truly shows a clean edge of fog, relatively rare, and that's what sets this image apart from the others. The smaller portion of clear boardwalk, with a pleasant and well-composed diagonal to the left, pulls us into the scene as though it were attempting to skirt the edge of the fog. The open water in the foreground allows us to see the edge of the fog. This is a very nice capture, Pat, in that it shows the fog as an entity separate from the rest of the world. I could easily see this as a dust jacket for a mystery novel or a cover for a jazz CD. For my money, it's the number one choice in this contest. No one's beaten it yet. I know you've referred to yourself as an amateur shutterbug (I'm paraphrasing here) in the past, but this is professional level. Good work.


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3rd place
The fog rises off the delaware river by fionbharr2000

Flmngseabass: Wow!!! What a breathtaking scene!!! Nature in her splendor. A well crafted shot here:) Great colors and I love how the fog rests in the valley. Awesome image:)

LakeMichigan: Congratulations Holly on your contest placing. !!
Excellent entry !

4th place
FALL FOG by nuke88

rvdb: Eugene congrats a very good piece of Art.


icedancer: A Wow from me also Eugene, simply gorgeous.

Wonderful entry to the current contest....Good Luck

Tedi: Beautiful capture, very interesting and attractive. Lovely job. Good luck.

5th place
Morning Fog by zionbill

bfrank: It is a wonderful scene and well deserving of placement. Congrats!

rvdb: Congrats on your win a very good shot.

Eubeen: Good composition of this moody winter scene. Nice lighting and DoF in the photo.

LynEve: A wonderful entry in the contest and well deserving of a placement.
Congratulations !