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Ended 07/30/19 12:15 AM GMT
Winner: Vickid (See the full results)

Dutch cows by rozem061, photography->sculpture gallery Worlds Largest Gnome by rahto, photography->sculpture gallery Stepping Up and Stepping Out by luckyshot, photography->photojournalism gallery
Dutch cows Worlds Largest Gnome Stepping Up and Stepping Out
What is This? by Ramad, photography->animals gallery Straight and Narrow by Mvillian, photography->landscape gallery Punk Rock' er's by Dunstickin, photography->sculpture gallery
What is This? Straight and Narrow Punk Rock' er's
Rock Driveway by Flmngseabass, photography->general gallery Clear Message by Starglow, photography->general gallery Sinkhole Up Close by 0930_23, photography->nature gallery
Rock Driveway Clear Message Sinkhole Up Close
Flycatcher by MrsB, photography->gardens gallery Pineapple by P_McK, illustrations->digital gallery Stuck... by Vickid, photography->general gallery
Flycatcher Pineapple Stuck...