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Ended 07/31/10 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: tealeaves (See the full results)

Cat women by gombloh, Abstract->Fractal gallery owl eyes by jeenie11, Photography->Birds gallery Baby by aboogie, photography->pets gallery
Cat women owl eyes Baby
Bambi by rozem061, Photography->Animals gallery Blue Eye'd Buddy by CollegeKid21, photography->people gallery Alien Mask by jswgpb, abstract gallery
Bambi Blue Eye'd Buddy Alien Mask
Innocent Eyes by lovesred, Photography->People gallery Bird's Eye View by mikerkim, Photography->Birds gallery Frozen in Time by amishy, Photography->Sculpture gallery
Innocent Eyes Bird's Eye View Frozen in Time
Veil of the Grieving Soul by Mythmaker, abstract->fractal gallery Catseye by MrOpus, Photography->Animals gallery Buffalo Graze by reddawg151, Photography->Animals gallery
Veil of the Grieving Soul Catseye Buffalo Graze