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Discoballs 2004 by Frux, Computer->3D gallery imposed limitations by ia, computer gallery Check 6! by MrXwild, Computer->3D gallery
Discoballs 2004 imposed limitations Check 6!
Winter Fire by Al_Pacino, Computer->Landscape gallery Waterfall by Burto, Computer->Landscape gallery The 1st Skull Crystal by MrXwild, Computer->3D gallery
Winter Fire Waterfall The 1st Skull Crystal
Cwm Solitude by Akeraios, computer->landscape gallery Galaxy Far Far Away by Kodez, Computer->Space gallery Shading and Lighting Final Project by dirt0461, Computer->3D gallery
Cwm Solitude Galaxy Far Far Away Shading and Lighting Final Project
Chromeworld Blue by DigitalFX, Computer->3D gallery Auguries of Innocence by coram9, computer->3d gallery On the Road Home by WENPEDER, Computer->Landscape gallery
Chromeworld Blue Auguries of Innocence On the Road Home