BP - promo wallpaper  

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Uploaded: 02/25/07 12:33 AM GMT
BP - promo wallpaper
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Status: active

3D Bryce render, Fractal Explorer render + PSCS Colorize -


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02/25/07 12:46 AM GMT
nice and fluid .. I like it
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02/25/07 1:01 AM GMT
First I have to say, that I am not really into computer graphics. But as I saw this, I noticed, that I only did not like one thing - the title. The image itself is great and if I would be ritch, I would ask you to design the windows of my villa. Smile
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Double Burden
02/25/07 1:36 AM GMT
Wow, this is great! Very unusual, and the colors are fantastic. I really like it.
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02/25/07 2:29 AM GMT
Gorgeous colours, polished surfaces like shiny plastics and a distinctive and imaginative presentation. My only quibble would be the framing which I would like to see evened out a bit so that the image itself is moved down. For those of us with non-Windows desktops of various kinds, this is going to look odd with very little space at the top and an awful lot at the bottom. (I'm on a Mac with an auto-hiding dock on the right and the menu bar at the top - no status bar or, indeed, anything at the bottom.) You can't please everyone, I suppose. It doesn't change the fact that the image itself is wonderful - only possibly its suitability as a desktop for some of us.

My only other objection is to the title. If there's some good reason for your choice, I think we're owed the explanation. If not, er... change it! It looks like a set of keywords you're hoping Google will pick up, though I'm sure that's not the thinking behind it, of course.

Excellent work, anyway. Really outstanding.

- cfr
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02/25/07 3:09 AM GMT
Nice work!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
02/25/07 5:07 AM GMT
Niiiiice variation on the rainbow theme.
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02/25/07 9:15 AM GMT
nice work .
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O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see! my pictures
02/25/07 12:24 AM GMT
One of the best computer images I have seen recently. Congratulations. Vivid colors just speak for themselves and the shape resembles a butterfly.
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02/25/07 6:38 PM GMT
Fantastic and Unique 3D image..Wonderful colors,Super design..Love it..
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02/26/07 5:06 PM GMT
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Life is good.
05/15/07 2:16 AM GMT
Decided to drop your works for some inspiration.

Annnd ... it worked. I am inspired now. :o)

Wonderful work ... as always. Truly professional.

Thank you for sharing your talents with 'us.'

+fav for me.
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06/26/07 5:18 PM GMT
Pozdrav! Ovo mi je već drugi komentar za ovu sliku, prvi sam napisal na, ali neću se ponavljati, nego samo dodati: fantastično !
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07/20/07 7:57 PM GMT
wow. this is awesome. i wish i could do stuff like this. lol.
great job!! ^_^
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08/15/07 9:16 PM GMT
Powerful image! I love the little windows of colors. Excellent work!
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