Chaos Lines - Fashion  

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Uploaded: 04/05/08 5:39 PM GMT
Chaos Lines - Fashion
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FraxFlame render + PSCS -


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04/08/08 4:53 PM GMT
I haven't played with this kind of software so i don't know how much effort actually went into this. But it seems a little simplistic. It's a cool pattern and nice colors, but just doesn't do a lot for me otherwise.
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04/09/08 6:13 AM GMT
G'day Milan,
I think the composition/balance is great but the palette does not appeal to me.
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Silence is an invitation.
04/09/08 7:43 AM GMT
scuse me , but I don t like Apophysis compositions , sorry
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04/09/08 4:57 PM GMT
Nice colours, good composition!
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04/09/08 5:33 PM GMT
Nice piece of work. Although purple would not normally be my favourite colour, you've managed to blend it in a very artistic way.
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04/09/08 10:15 PM GMT
wow what a cool design, I really like the colors. great job
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we live to survive our paradoxes
04/09/08 11:53 PM GMT
I like this. The colors stand out without being too much.
And the lines make it simple... but not really.
Does that make sense?
It's a really good image, and it fits my screen!
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