Two Gallaxies  

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Two Gallaxies
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12/15/02 11:44 PM GMT
Yes this is a nice picture, but as it's a NASA image we should spell "galaxies" correctly.
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06/11/03 2:14 AM GMT
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06/23/03 3:42 AM GMT
word ;)
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07/09/03 6:00 PM GMT
dude they are going to colide and the world will end; what a lovely picture ;-)
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08/26/03 2:34 AM GMT
wow, it makes you wonder what would happen if our eath collided with a star, very intersting to look at!!!!!!
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08/30/03 5:10 AM GMT
I heard that if our solar system passed through a nebula the dust alone would block the sun for billions of years before we came out the other side. This is a beautiful spectacle. Thanks.
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10/12/03 12:19 AM GMT
nice textures and fades
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10/14/03 4:13 AM GMT
Yes, but even if (most probably when) our galaxy collided with another, the effects on our planet would most likely be unnoticeable (especially considering we probably won't be around). Great wall, I've admired this image forever...
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10/22/03 2:33 PM GMT
love it
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11/16/03 8:54 PM GMT
this is awsome! but need spell checking
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11/23/03 4:53 AM GMT
ya it does look really cool and makes u think what will happen when they will collide
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12/14/03 1:15 AM GMT
very awsome...
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12/17/03 9:00 PM GMT
This Picture makes on realize how small a part we play in the grand scheme of life.
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02/27/04 11:19 PM GMT
How did they take a picture of that? Most people cannot understand the power or concept of the technologies we have.
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03/26/04 8:42 AM GMT
The galaxy on the right is acutally stealing the material from the galaxy on the left. What will happen next is the galaxy on the right will begin its second phase of being a red giant. So we are actually seeing a process that will take about 10 to 20 million years to complete. Awesome, ain't it?
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04/15/04 3:18 AM GMT
This just provides a great illustration for the astronomy class I joined... Cool!
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08/24/04 3:48 AM GMT
beautiful, but it sucks for who ever lives down there lol
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08/25/04 7:16 PM GMT
rather them than me.... great pic of 2 gallaxies!
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09/01/04 2:06 AM GMT
Everytime I see a picture of a galaxy like that, I get chills. Galaxies are on average 100,000 lightyears accross in distance. That is just incomprehensible to imagine, yet we see them on that image. Gorgeous image. NASA just blows me away with each image they release. Thanks for sharing this image with us!
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11/17/04 1:16 AM GMT
Very awesome picture, truly wonderful.. my compliments
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04/30/05 10:46 AM GMT
Don't know about anyone else, but that reminds me of Gandalf???
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11/26/05 7:50 PM GMT
It would be nice if people knew how to spell.
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01/05/06 12:00 AM GMT
Correction to WingTipMickey's comment, when the two galaxies collide, the two black holes in their center would merge creating a new bigger galaxy, that rotates faster than the old two. Oh and, Red Giants are stars dude, how would two galaxies with a black hole in each of them turn into a star?
As a comment to the picture: Awesome picture.. Bravo NASA..
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09/09/06 6:23 AM GMT
It's my understanding that galaxies "colliding" generally don't find any of their components impacting each other, at least minimally. There is too much empty space between stars. But, the gravity would rend them from one shape to another (galaxies, that is).

The "people" on the left-most side, however, may not have seen what's happening on the right-most side, as the light would take nearly a 1/4 million years to get across. It's taken several million (however far away this is) years for us to see this snapshot in time.

Aside from the astounding size and distance involved, as well as the several billion stars populating just these two "collectives", this is one of the most artistic of galactic images... it looks like a giant swath of sparkle dust eddying around, something like Nike5000AD might have come up with for a logo. Many thanks for sharing this with us.
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06/07/09 4:41 PM GMT
Well, don't worry cause in 13 million years our galaxy is going to collide with the andromeda galaxy, so you all can experience that beauty eventually. lol Even though noone would survive.... Oh and it might be billion instead of million. Close enough though....
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