St Vitus's Cathedral-rework  

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Uploaded: 03/26/07 9:19 PM GMT
St Vitus's Cathedral-rework
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I'm very grateful to Phil (philcUK) for his help ...He reworked for me this picture,and I think it looks much better now..!!..Many,many thanks,Phil..!!...(it was the idea of my friend,Sabine(Blumie)...many thanks,Sabine!!too)...Hope you'll enjoy.. :))
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03/26/07 9:56 PM GMT
It is good! The power of the rolling clouds compliments the cathedral and it is also better in b/w with straightening apparent.Good job! to all.......
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03/26/07 10:10 PM GMT
wooooooooooooooow to my favourites Adriana this is one of your best jobs :)
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life is a movie that has no genre
03/26/07 10:10 PM GMT
Now I really like that!! I love the sheer gothicness ( is that a word?) of it. Excellent rework.
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Very very new to this, and only have a bog standard fuji 2mb digi camera.
03/27/07 6:52 AM GMT
Very impressive new version. High marks from me in the voting booth.
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03/27/07 12:13 AM GMT
I really enjoyed seeing this excellently gothic photograph. The work is very good indeed.
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03/27/07 5:13 PM GMT
Hoi, Adriana!
Well, I'm mabey stupid, but I do not agree with
al the others above!
It's mabey because I don't like B & W very much!, and i think
in my humble opinion, it gives the whole image a very sad impression!
Sorry Adriana!
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MY PHOTOGRAFIC VISION..... I am not an artist, I only let you see with my eyes...!
03/27/07 5:45 PM GMT
I also loved the colored version, but here the sky is really amazing. But you are the one, who captured this hudge church in such a great way. Thumbs up for you and Phil.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Graz: Lady with a Paddle.
03/28/07 4:05 PM GMT
Imi place ...dar imi place prima mai mult...iubesc culorile...This one is very beautifull too...
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03/29/07 4:51 AM GMT
I definitely like the rework.
That sky clearly makes the shot very dramatic even though
the first post was pretty colored, it doesn't have quite the impact that this one does. Great work.
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04/01/07 10:51 PM GMT
Really quite nice, Adriana - the tumoltuous sky over the gothic structure gives this a very spooky quality. Well done -

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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
04/08/07 8:04 AM GMT
This is very striking! It is a big gargoyle. I do like the black and white...I will have to find the colored version. Had to have this one...dare you to find something so impressive! Thanks...Bill.
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"Never cut what can be untied."
12/24/07 11:47 PM GMT
wicked awesome! makes me feel inferior to the building...great job.
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chswim07 & xcski08 i remember how it was in the old days we would go outside in the grass and lay down next to each other where we'd stay up all night and talk to each other this way we used to go everywhere together doesn't matter if it was poor or fair weather you asked me if i'd cheat i said never i know i messed up but i'm gonna make it better
08/08/09 11:43 PM GMT
A striking image. Well done!
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08/03/10 3:19 PM GMT
Awesome effect!!!
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