Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz  

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Uploaded: 02/10/11 4:38 AM GMT
Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz
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This piece of music has been making the rounds for quite a few years now. This, if it's authentic, is the most anyone seems to know about the "composer". Here is the complete piece.

Made in Paint Shop Pro for the Music contest.


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02/10/11 6:18 AM GMT
John Stump seemed a brilliant man with a rye humor and tremendous knowledge of musical notation. His work seems more visual and artistic than harmonic and melodious, some of his literal interpretaions perhaps sounding more of a cacophany, but a delightful and amusing compostion of eye appeal and frivolity. Kind of a quirky fellow from the descriptions. Thanks for finding and posting this. I enjoyed it very much, including the link.
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02/12/11 1:49 PM GMT
This is a lot of fun and makes for a pleasant desktop. Good luck in the contest. :-)

PS The starry background is a particularly nice touch.
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02/13/11 11:50 PM GMT
An very amusing and enveloping story Hannah!! What a hoot this guy must have been.:) Thanks for this wonderful tidbit.
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