Beneath the Emerald Sea  

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Uploaded: 04/07/11 1:05 PM GMT
Beneath the Emerald Sea
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The background is from Apophysis, the foreground from this picture, editing in Paint Shop Pro.

Prints of this and other works are available at RedBubble and Zazzle.


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04/07/11 2:42 PM GMT
I like this very much - the sea theme is certainly reinforced by the mollusk shapes and the pearl.
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04/07/11 4:08 PM GMT
Absolutely gorgeous work Hannah!!!!!! WOW!! Breathtakingly beautiful colors and design. Love that tropical aqua look here. Just fantastic in every way!!!!
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04/07/11 11:21 PM GMT
Really nice work on the water aspect.

Your creativity and work on that facet does indeed impart the visual qualities well.

Happen to be a big fan of the colour green. So, bonus points for that.


Well, instead of taxing your eyesight with my usual commenting drivel ... have a look:

"Beneath the Emerald Sea" - Cropped

Using the buzz word of the day..


Too much ... sort of, kind of ... negative space. And the placement of the 'pearl' in the upper region throws things off some.

... ...

You know, in my humble and ever so omniscient creative opinion.

Still, and has to be said ... nice work. Very pleasant to view. :o)
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05/23/11 1:14 AM GMT
Beautiful colors and textures here...
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