Something Unnoticed  

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Uploaded: 01/08/11 12:31 AM GMT
Something Unnoticed
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This is the first image that I uploaded that is not a manipulation. On Christmas, I got my new camera which is the "Nikon S710". Later that Christmas day, I went outside and walked around my yard for some test shots. I thought it could be fun to go to places in my yard that I never think of, places that I hardly look at. I ended up taking about 30 pictures, but this one seemed to be the most boring of all of my shots! So, about a week and a half later, I was watching TV, eating some food and watching my bigger cat bully the smaller cat. Once the cats were done messing with each other, I thought to myself, "Wow, I am REALLLLLY bored now". So I hoped on the computer and looked at some of the pictures that I took, found the worse and most boring picture that I took on Christmas and tried to make it seem nice and wonderful... more colorful. Well thanks for reading my half pointless story. :D Oh, I also used this image in my other manipulation "Another World". Well I hope you like this, because I hated the original, and thought I should print a copy of the picture and burn it! :) Two more things... I noticed what looks like a bug in the snow, so maybe some of you can try to find it and start a big argument on whether it is a bug or not. Also, if this is still boring, at least it does not include an alien world where lightning constantly explodes out of the ground, or my other picture where you can see the lights from a big alien party!


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01/08/11 5:36 PM GMT
I like what you have done with this "boring" image! I would of liked to see what the original looked like. Well I like this because this is nothing too fancy, also I notice some nice colors hidden in there. I think I might of found the bug you were talking about, but it might just be a leaf. Again, I like what you have done with this and good luck with your new camera! Don't drop it. I know how 15 year olds are. :D
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Eh I'm just another person... In another world o.o All Pictures are made by me or my brother :} Page2
01/10/11 3:49 AM GMT
Well, I do like the glow you've given it. I don't see any bug, though.
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01/15/11 9:56 PM GMT
I really like it! I like pictures that take ordinary, boring things and turn them into something special. There's something buggish in the snow (a little to the right of the pile of debris?) but I think it's a rock or leaf. Don't know of many bugs who like to play in the snow :)
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08/11/11 12:24 AM GMT
Really amazing photograph.
Thanks for sharing.
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