My Litle World  

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Uploaded: 03/11/05 9:22 AM GMT
My Litle World
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3d application used: Mojoworld Pro 3.0 2d post with: Photoshop, Luce filter. Inspiration got after I saw that old video by Depeche Mode :)


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03/11/05 10:02 AM GMT
Nice world. May I come and sit in your gazebo and look out over that valley?
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03/11/05 10:11 AM GMT
Beautiful work... looks real.. love the layout... would be great to just sit and look out over that... well done
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03/11/05 10:50 AM GMT
very nice work. It llooks brilliant...I wonder how much it costs to get there.
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03/11/05 11:45 AM GMT
Very nice computer graphics. Well Done.
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03/11/05 12:04 AM GMT
woah, that's quite impressive. Good job
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03/11/05 12:16 AM GMT
Beautiful scene. The gazebo looks like it might require some underpinning, though.
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03/11/05 12:26 AM GMT
wonderful computer graphics, it looks very much realistic..
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03/11/05 2:25 PM GMT
A great place to get away from it all and reflect on life...nice world...well done.:Pat.
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03/11/05 3:12 PM GMT
Impressive job. High marks from me!
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03/14/05 12:39 AM GMT
Very lifelike.Well done.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
06/24/05 5:56 PM GMT
Woah, that's a really really cool picture, great work!!! 71/10!!!!
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08/21/05 8:37 PM GMT
dang, that hella sick, im not sure if im thinkin the right program u were using, but start with a B
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11/19/05 8:35 PM GMT
This is just a masterpiece. You put an amazing amount of detail in here. And its done really well. Without hte gazebo and bench i think it looks AWESOME. but with it it looks even cooler because it brings it down to reality and you can actually imagine yourself there. not to mention a something to see the scale with. its like one of those places only your mind can take you.
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12/26/05 5:58 AM GMT
Looks like you just stepped out of your back door and took a picture. Very realistic. Excellent job.
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01/12/06 1:56 AM GMT
Got to say, this is one the most impressive pics on the site. For those with an over-active imagination (like myself) and like many of us creative folk, this idea of a peacefull and tranquil retreat is bliss. If only it were real!

Also, I fully agree with 'exploto', the level of detail in the ground could certainly be taken as river systems. It gives this picture 2 completely different levels of scale.

Easily one of my favourites, please create more. Talented individuals like yourself are never given the credit or the recognition they deserve. Shame really, as I feel your work is phonomenal!

Can I buy a print???
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02/14/06 10:29 PM GMT
Perhaps the best image on the site.
Breathtaking work - no critisisms what so ever.
Need to see more.
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05/06/06 5:42 AM GMT
I love this image. It's been on my desktop for weeks now, and I get such a peaceful feeling from looking at it. One of the nicest things is the border which allows my icons to be out of the I can just gaze and dream. Beautiful work.
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12/22/06 2:55 PM GMT
great work! Thanks for this awe inspiring image!
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01/10/07 11:17 PM GMT
This is very eyecatching, impressive.
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11/22/07 11:10 AM GMT
What can I say? Amazing.

New desktop wallpaper :)
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01/04/09 8:03 AM GMT
Beautiful image, great job witht eh terrains and lighting. The forrground testures need to be a larger scale I think, it almost looks like a arial view of a mountain and river valley.
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