Guide Her With Your Grace  

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Uploaded: 11/25/08 10:38 PM GMT
Guide Her With Your Grace
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My Dads House, all my years, without someone who really cared, it would seem. Then I had someone, and he is still with me. Through thick and thin <3 Grew up there, alot of good memories, but not even close to what I have today.


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11/26/08 3:54 AM GMT
Very nice and well thought out...great job!
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11/26/08 4:11 PM GMT

~~Tries to be gentle~~

The picture is very crooked and needs to be straightend. The telephone pole is a huge distraction, as are the sun spots both around the sun and in the sky.

Now - the good part. The silhoutte of the trees, particularily the one on the right are lovely, the framing works very well, and the emotions are beautiful.

A lot of emotion in the narrative also...many of us here have a lot of baggage from the past and have found solace here...or as Rob put it nicely in a thread elsewhere "a soft spot to land". I am glad to hear that things are going well for you now, and you have apparently found someone to appreciate the many talents you have.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ashley.

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When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!
11/28/08 4:48 PM GMT
The message is truly inspirational. The cloud formation and sunrise (or sunset) work nicely with the message but you should consider editing the image a bit. I'd start by cloning out the pink spot in the clouds. You might also consider shooting with more megapixels for a sharper image. Happy holidays.
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
11/29/08 1:04 AM GMT
Great sentiments - appropriate shot.
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