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Have you ever been in love with yourself?


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12/12/03 8:54 PM GMT
no cant say that i have... but the effect on this is very cool and the never ending aspect... very nice =)
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Pain is just weakness leaving the body
12/12/03 11:29 PM GMT
This is a very,very nice way to explain an instinct;visually...Great,Congratulations...Very artistic...Very good job...Good Luck... ; )
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CemKarahan, A soul,which is not dedicated to a goal;is lost. Because,being everywhere is equal to being nowhere. Montaigne
12/14/03 12:03 AM GMT
I agree with what the others have said - very nice work
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"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery." Francis Bacon
12/15/03 12:28 AM GMT
Well real thanks a lot!I don't think i'll win this contest, but i'm happy because of your words...
I was inspired from Magritte, and when i thought about those people who love theirselves i had this picture in my mind, then on my pc, then here!:)
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12/17/03 4:26 AM GMT
my favorite so far in the contest, I think. great job. very artistic. it puts a different side into the "love" theme. bravo!
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12/17/03 2:44 PM GMT
an interesting approach and quite original too. well done!^^
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12/28/03 4:39 AM GMT
ahha o yea i just love myself "COUGHSUICIDECOUGH but yea this is one great that whole..goes on forever deal
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okay that sig was messed up but its gone now so its all good
03/25/04 5:07 AM GMT
creepy, i dont like it :(
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05/27/04 9:23 PM GMT
Yes the title is perfect!
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07/18/04 6:10 PM GMT
great idea for a love contest haha good job
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07/20/04 5:41 PM GMT
Old concept + artistic concept= one great image. Very artsy nice job!
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"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean
07/30/04 10:07 PM GMT
Here's to infinite narcissism.. Interesting pic
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"If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven't understood the seriousness of the situation"
08/23/04 7:31 PM GMT
before I read your comments i was thinking how it reminded me of Magritte so job well done.
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Thats it I've had enough, Im moving to Mephis to become an Elvis impersonator, Uh Huh!!!!!
01/04/05 3:26 AM GMT
i think this person has an "ego" problem JK!!
Luv the art man!!!!!!
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01/05/05 8:26 PM GMT
maybe :D
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"We then, who are this new soul, know of what we are compos'd and made, for th' atomies of which we grow Are souls." John Donne "The Ecstasy"
03/26/05 8:51 PM GMT
e'go invisible :o
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04/11/05 11:00 PM GMT
ellhnas? ;)
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04/15/05 10:07 PM GMT
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09/14/05 2:50 AM GMT
"A pitchure has a way of looking at you, and everyone has thier own way of looking at the pitchure," so all it really means is " A pitchure can say more than you think it can. "
*************************** THINK ABOUT IT ***************************
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