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Uploaded: 10/19/03 7:44 PM GMT
Under Project
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Photoshop/3D max. I made this one on instinct... Like the others in fact, but this one... I just forgot to think... and my feelings took over^^


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10/20/03 3:13 AM GMT
oh man,....i dont know how you do it...i cant even think of the words to say...astonishing. i have a suggestion: NEVER THINK AGAIN WHILE WORKING ON YOUR PROJECTS!!! lol jk =D this is incredible
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10/24/03 9:38 PM GMT
:'( :'(
Dit moi vais je arriver a ton niveau si j arrive un jours (tu vas me donner des cours stp???
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10/31/03 2:18 PM GMT
thanks guys ^^

(et Luc... tu n'a pas besoin de cours, tu te débrouille très bien sans moi!lol^^)
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11/10/03 2:45 AM GMT
thats really great work. very nice wallpaper. the borders and little highlight boxes are a nice touch.
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12/01/03 12:18 AM GMT
this is sweet man! love it
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12/01/03 12:21 AM GMT
thanks very much Fir3BirD^^
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12/18/03 6:14 PM GMT
This is CooooL!! Well Done!!

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12/18/03 6:45 PM GMT
thanks very much Wes^^
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12/29/03 8:31 PM GMT
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01/29/04 11:24 AM GMT
Hey very cool! This is the first picture that really reflects my computer area. I think of music and gaming when I look at it (the 2 things I do most on my pc :)) Thanks!
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01/29/04 6:01 PM GMT
thanks sally^^

and no proplem^^. thanks a lot Tred!^^
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03/04/04 2:24 AM GMT
Incredible.... wish it was a little bigger to fit my screen resolution, but beggars cant be choosers
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03/17/04 3:52 PM GMT
Wow, I've never tried abstract pictures in Photoshop. All the better thought... I can't do much in that program anyway... your abstracts are incredible!
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When the rooster crows, it's time to WAKE UP!!!
03/17/04 3:57 PM GMT
thank you lavoiejh, katie^^
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08/05/04 1:18 AM GMT
perfect--as usual
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Mull3tboii - Life is good, please enjoy it while is lasts.
04/01/05 3:57 PM GMT
lookin for more resolutions :) btw awesome wall
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04/02/05 1:50 AM GMT
omg cain ever time I see your pictures it gets me every time lol i think u already know what i would give u, lol this is really amazing !!!
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02/22/06 3:26 AM GMT
it is teh pwnzorz... those are the only words i can think of the describe it... x_X
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10/19/06 12:43 AM GMT
this is not somethign im used to seeing out of your work, but i really like it, this one seems more blended, im used to your sharp edges. im quite impressed, cain :-)
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11/04/06 3:40 PM GMT
I think I like your instincts. Really eye-catching. Especially the unusual color: perfect hue. And the soft glow... Very very cool.
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