Chaos number one  

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Uploaded: 11/05/03 9:44 PM GMT
Chaos number one
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Painter/3d M./photoshop


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11/05/03 10:11 PM GMT
For some reason this really interests me...I like it a lot. Very mesmorizing. Good job.
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11/05/03 10:42 PM GMT
I can stand... but for some reason, this image totally captivates me and makes me want to stare at it for long periods of time... hmmm...
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11/05/03 11:12 PM GMT
Thanks guys ^_^. It's was really hard to make this one. I must have twelve versions of this pic. and each different. Took me a lot of time to decide wich one I would upload -_-'...
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11/06/03 3:54 PM GMT
Very nice,and good work.
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carpe diem
11/06/03 8:35 PM GMT
It's very different. It catches your attention and keeps it. I'd like to see others like it.
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11/06/03 8:38 PM GMT
I like that message you have on the right of the image. Where did you come up with that?
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11/06/03 8:52 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments^^.

Mystix : the message originaly came from one of 'William Blake' poem : 'Lullaby'
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11/07/03 2:20 AM GMT
It's really cool, 10/10!
Try to make it green instead of red or something if you have so many others. It still looks really great, though. 8-]
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11/08/03 3:46 AM GMT
yeah true... its good... i like it alot :)
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11/09/03 2:44 AM GMT
Cain...wonderful. I love the dark element this picture has.
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11/09/03 7:04 AM GMT
This is a pretty nice picture.The best thing is there's not to much going on so you eyes dont bug out of your head when you look at it.
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11/15/03 4:28 AM GMT
this is fabulous i love your works Cain keep it up =)
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and what did you expect ... a perfect child raised by tv sets ... abandoned every mile we never get respect ... never a fair trial no one gives a shit ... as long as we smile
11/15/03 11:32 AM GMT
thank you so much guys !
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12/17/03 10:11 PM GMT
Your style is great, Cain. I really like it.
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12/18/03 3:07 PM GMT
thanks very much Kj^^. I'm glad then^^
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01/25/04 10:39 PM GMT
Beautiful Cain.
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01/30/04 1:33 AM GMT
the reason i like the Chaoses so much, is the sayings you have put on each of them
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01/30/04 1:44 PM GMT
thanks a lot guys^^
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01/31/04 5:55 AM GMT
dude...chaos one,two,three are awesome!
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01/31/04 2:30 PM GMT
thanks appolo! glad you like^^
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03/24/04 3:57 AM GMT
man that is awesome! excellent 10/10
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03/24/04 11:34 AM GMT
thank you steve!^^
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03/24/04 2:30 PM GMT
I LOVE it!
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11/22/04 1:24 AM GMT
very cool pic; 10/10
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01/05/05 11:00 AM GMT
I love it !!! This is amazing ... Your style is the best I have ever seen :)
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I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying.
03/06/05 4:13 AM GMT
another great 1 from cain
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05/21/05 8:03 PM GMT
Well, Cain, you are a wonderful artist. All your images are amazing, but this is one of those I like best...
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Homo Stupidus? Yes, Homo Sapiens does not exist any more...
12/14/05 2:40 PM GMT
Your images are almost instantly recognizable. You are a wonderful artist, but I'd like to see you back off a bit and make some happy, happy stuff. This continuous display of power has to be emotionally draining. Lighten up.
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