beats of the heart  

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Uploaded: 12/18/03 6:51 PM GMT
beats of the heart
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12/18/03 7:14 PM GMT
In the cavity lies the ever-beating heart with pulses of light and pauses of dark! I like this alot Cain:-)
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Seven more sleeps-Happy Holidays To All
12/18/03 7:34 PM GMT
Very nice and beautiful work Cain.
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carpe diem
12/18/03 7:51 PM GMT
Thanks very much Darryl, Joost^^

and Darryl : whoa! you are a true poet! ^^
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12/18/03 11:22 PM GMT
Nice one, I love your style! I really like it when you hold back and use negative space like this.
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12/19/03 1:43 AM GMT
oh yes cain has style haha nice once cain and always love the phrases =)
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Pain is just weakness leaving the body
12/19/03 2:56 AM GMT
Wow, Cain, this is awesome!!!!!!!
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
12/19/03 6:06 AM GMT
yes, its great, but its a wee bit too much like your other entry (which I also love) for my liking
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- Jest Mi 2 Sense
12/19/03 1:43 PM GMT
thanks very much guys!^^

whozurdoggy : yeah, maybe a little^^. lay the blame on the colors^^. lol
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12/19/03 2:01 PM GMT
fantastic, cain, i love the dark chamber- like effect
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12/19/03 2:02 PM GMT
thanks very much Alex^^
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12/21/03 2:30 PM GMT
hunting for insperation earlier on in the contest, i was looking into ultrasound pictures of hearts, i found some really nice colour images from specialised ultrasound machines, and thats what this reminds me of.. its really lush Cain.. choice colours and your style is always spot on.. good luck in the contest
( ultrasound link..
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- "I dont have my own opinions, i just get them from books i read"
12/21/03 7:11 PM GMT
Thanks very much Grim^^. your comments are always appreciated^^.

and yes, I can see why you will thought of that^^...
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12/21/03 9:40 PM GMT
really like this i've seen in a while
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12/22/03 3:54 AM GMT
Agree with what others have said :)
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"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery." Francis Bacon
12/22/03 1:01 PM GMT
thanks very much guys^^
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01/04/04 1:28 AM GMT
the words are handled very well, i love the x-files effect. top notch quality, really.

but my biggest critique is that this is like so many of your other works-- it's one thing to have your own style and another to simply stick to what you know works. i'd really like you see you try new techniques, alterations, branch out, mix things up-- it'd be excited and i'm sure you'd get good results. you have a great style, try to apply it in new ways.
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Some people want it all, but I don't want nothing at all If it ain't you baby, if I ain't got you baby Some people just want everything, but everything is nothing Without you, baby If I ain't got you, baby
01/04/04 4:57 PM GMT
Thank you very much Red^^.

yes, you're right on that, and I feel it too, I tried something different with 'Still Light'... I will try to do others things then, even if it's going to be hard^^. lol.

thanks for the critique, that's help me to progress^^
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02/22/04 2:18 AM GMT
how do you download it?
and i forgot to say its nice :.)
good job on your art work :.)
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02/22/04 6:33 PM GMT
thanks scott^^. to answer your question you just have to click on the resolution you want... wait for it to appear and then click-right to save the pic^^...
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02/25/04 8:32 PM GMT
makes a perfect background! like it a lot
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O_o o_O
03/01/04 11:13 PM GMT
wow, wow. Its my backround and a perfect 10.
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In my field of paper flowers. Candy clouds of lullaby.
03/01/04 11:24 PM GMT
thanks a lot guys!^^
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09/14/04 11:56 PM GMT
I give 10 outta 10! ^_^
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10/09/04 7:42 PM GMT
Thats so extremely poetic. The red design looks like stimuli on the mind.
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12/09/04 5:00 AM GMT
Cain, is it ok if I use the text for this in a song I'm writing? I've been blocked for lyrics for about a week now, but once I saw your piece I thought I'd ask if it was ok first before I used them. By the way, been a fan of your work for a little under a year now. I can always spot your work a mile away. Get that website up! Cain forever.
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12/24/04 2:37 PM GMT
very cool
one of my favorites of yours
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shots in the dark from empty guns are never heard by anyone
01/23/05 1:55 PM GMT
cain...what can i say...once again...uve blown me away...i luv ur work and this is certainly one of my favs...great job!!! :^D
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Keep doing what you do best!
03/29/05 11:16 PM GMT
absolutely amazing!
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now everybody do the propaganda, and sing along in the age of paranoia
11/16/05 12:33 AM GMT
painful and understandable at the same time, interesting
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11/21/05 2:21 AM GMT
Everytime I come back here Cain it's another one of yours that draws my attention. Awesome once again.
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09/25/06 5:44 PM GMT
This is truly beautiful...

I now have it as my background...

thankyou for making it!!!
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