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Uploaded: 03/09/07 11:27 PM GMT
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Ferrari F430 Spyder, Downtown Calgary. Believe it or not, this was parked in a tow away zone with a for sale sign and business card in the window. Can you say good marketing :) Everyone who walked by checked it out.


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03/10/07 12:47 AM GMT
YOU SERIOUSLY TOOK THIS???!! SO awesome! Looks so professional! I love pics of sports cars (including ferraris) but I can never seem to find any that I can take a pic of where I live. :-) Awesome job! And too funny about the way they tried to sell it.
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03/10/07 1:12 AM GMT
Sweet - saw it's older brother today (black 360). There are so many nice cars our here in van. I like how this is a non standard not the whole car...keeps it interesting.

BTW, thanks for the comments on Venus. I kinda am not happy with the fly guy...he looks a little too cartoony or something.
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03/10/07 3:10 AM GMT
very nice and a very nice car. i always find it difficult to get a really good shot of sports cars, maybe because they are always black and reflect everything. the silver came out great!
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03/10/07 4:03 PM GMT
Great shot, very well done, but I prefer Porsches.
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03/11/07 5:08 AM GMT
Hey man, you don't know how lucky you are to get a shot of my car just after I had wash and waxed it. j/k

Great shot, would make an excellent brochure shot.

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03/12/07 6:54 PM GMT
I just took a look at your little series here and was pleased to see that there was no shot that showed the whole car. Very brave, but it has worked well. I wouldn't be surprised if there is one coming, but its cool you started with these ones first.

All three of them look very good, but i thought id poke some critique in there just cuz i can:P. On this one (which i think is the best of the three) i noticed that the logo on the wheel is not straight. I think you should have pushed the car forward a bit to rotate it a bit. I'm sure the owner wouldn't have minded:P.....

On a serious note i think it might have been nice if you would have had the side mirror all cut off or not cut off at all. Other than that small minor note the composition is really good. The tire is right in that right third. Very nice.
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03/13/07 9:22 AM GMT
Well now ...

Let's get some stuff out of the way first ... how would you feel if the area at the top of the car, versus the amount of road/ground at the bottom ... were reversed?

The idea in mind is to show or try to enhance visually, the lower and sleeker profile that I, at least, associate with the car in question.

This shot rocks. :o)

Love the richness of the elements that you have captured. The brick facade on the wall, the cobblestone roadway(?) ... compliment this wonderful piece of vehicular engineering.

Excellent ... excellent clarity and colour saturation.

Really well done Matt. Into my favs this one goes.
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08/30/07 9:01 AM GMT
great angle. smart shot
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10/15/07 8:39 PM GMT
great shot of a great car! well done m8.
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10/17/07 11:37 AM GMT
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12/11/07 11:12 PM GMT
great shot of the car m8 very good
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08/07/09 11:52 PM GMT
Beautiful Car and Shot!

Very simple but yet Captures one's eye.

~ Twark =)
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