Caedes Spider  

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Uploaded: 02/12/08 12:37 AM GMT
Caedes Spider
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I was looking around my computer the other day and i happened to find the original of this picture that I made in '05, so i decided to have a play around and see how much my skills have been improved. Created in Photoshop CS2 over a period of 4 days during my computer classes. Constructive Critism is appreciated and the original of the file can be found under the user - Mehicon.


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02/14/08 5:30 PM GMT
While I'm not a huge fan of this type of art, I do like the blurred background, giving it (background) the aura of spinning.

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02/14/08 7:20 PM GMT
I really like the litte bit of color you added. I really have no idea how this is done but it always impresses me.
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02/14/08 10:48 PM GMT
sigle sophistiqué,,,la teinte aqua avec le gris est bien choisie..félicitation pour votre beau travail..
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Il faut aimer la solitude pour être photographe.Marie-Reine du Canada
02/16/08 5:55 PM GMT
I saw this piece in the voting booth earlier and enjoyed it. I too like the "spinning" visual that it presents. Thanks so much for sharing with al of us.
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02/28/08 3:40 AM GMT
Whoa!!!! Gettin' a little dizzy!!! Awesome job. though!!! I like that you used B&W yet you mixed a little green in there too. Very nice.

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Putting your pictures in my favorites is the highest honor I can give you. If I do not get to your pictures as soon as you post them, I apologize. I try. Also if I do not respond for awhile it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, it just means I'm really tied up with life. Bene lava!!

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