She (My Wife) & I  

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Uploaded: 10/29/09 5:09 PM GMT
She (My Wife) & I
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Yes... my wife and I (for over 42 years I have fooled her into thinking I was 'good enough'/'better than that for which she could exchange me'!) This was her choice of image for my Journal page. Self-portrait taken in Nanaimo, BC (Vancouver Island)... tripod & self-timer. I have deleted the other!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ahhh! Eventually I'll get some Journal text in here! Like a little now... I am not a photographer by any stretch of anyone's imagination... I simply enjoy taking certain photos and definitely enjoy collecting those that appeal to me. One thing I know... I know what I like! That does not mean I can't learn new tricks... in photography. It just means that I must agree with at least some of what I am told. You are most welcome to give me direction! :o)                                                                                                                           Our height difference is exaggerated with me standing on the upper portion of a hill slope! :o)


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10/30/09 12:18 AM GMT
You two still look very happy together , congrats..Nice photo.
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10/30/09 4:06 AM GMT
It's great to 'meet & greet' you & your lovely bride l!

The background is quite lovely as well. BC is one of my favorite places I have visited (never been to Nanaimo though :-(

Thanks for sharing you with me .:=)
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11/04/09 3:53 AM GMT
Nice family photo. Thanks for the post.

- Mike
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If you don't tell your kitten about catnip, who will?
11/04/09 6:53 AM GMT
Nice take, especially due to how hard it can get; being the subject and photographer. But either way, there is a lot more value in the picture to the both of you than there will ever be to anyone else. I wish I had one of these myself.
Congrats. It's a lovely shot.
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11/04/09 7:52 AM GMT
Photographs of people often place the head of the subject centre frame (it is what we concentrate on). Yours is horizontally to the right to give good horizontal composition, but vertically you have a lot of sky and no feet. (your wife's head is dead centre vertically). I presume you set this up for a timer. Moving the camera to the right a little and aimed a little left with a slight angle down would have captured all of you and the wife, placed the dip in the trees (harbours entrance?) in the background between you and the tree, and I think improved the scene. Still, nice place and a nice couple.
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11/04/09 5:55 PM GMT
Very nice photograph.
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03/29/10 10:48 PM GMT
Well, thanks to a visual cue on a discussion thread ;o) ... I was finally prompted to place some words on your image here, that I had been meaning to place.

These ...

'Very nice looking couple.' :o)

(*waves to Con's wife*)

Now then, I demand some proof of your chronological age. I simply cannot believe you are in fact sixty-eight years and counting.

Not even going to hazard a guess at to your wife's age, although it must be said ... I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that you two have been married for forty-two years. (She looks younger than the years counted that you have been married ... <--- ok, not a 'guess', per se.)


It's the macro-biotic diet isn't it?

No? Living on the West Coast, then?

Ahh ... got it. Keeping young in spirit and mind. :o)

Here's to many more years and smiles between the two of you.

(*raises glass of properly chilled milk*)

/\ It's a must for the cookies, too. :oP
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
03/29/10 11:34 PM GMT
Les! :o)
In response to your near essay...
She doesn't really appreciate my way of expressing the answer to your question (which you answered yourself... #3) which is to say 'I am proud to announce that I am immature!'... and I even did that while standing on a table at a conference for Mad Stampers! (Mostly women!) But the real answer must be a combination of genes... and how she takes care of us!

By the way... and she waves back at you (let's say one year less than me)! :o)
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