Daquerreotype Native Women (Chemainus)  

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Uploaded: 01/04/13 2:59 PM GMT
Daquerreotype Native Women (Chemainus)
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Because no negative was produced, copies could not be made, so each image was unique! Quite different from today's digital age! The original Daquerreotype that was produced by CPS X4 looked kinda brownish & whitish... and when I checked the info of the image CPS reported it was composed of some sixty-five thousand colours... so I had CPS convert it back to BW. I might have done more. I think I had done more in another version but ended up liking this better... it was the amount of black thing that had me going! There is less black when viewed in its default size.  Link #1 to Wikipedia/Daquerreotype ... and now ... Link #2!  The home page brings you to more info.  ☺  Hello... LynEve!   And so you can see a greater plan should you wish... Previous Post -> Caedes The frame that is in this image is not an option... IT and IT only gets added to the image in CPS X4.


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01/04/13 5:25 PM GMT
I like the results of your editing, and I like the framing it goes with the image perfectly. Fabulous work! =^..^=tigs

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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/04/13 6:47 PM GMT
I like this alot , wonderful work all the way around. Great entry for the challenge.
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01/04/13 7:11 PM GMT
I love Daquerreotype images / photography. Looks like it brought out the textures of the statues nicely. I like your presentation with the framing too. Very well done, Con.
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01/05/13 3:13 AM GMT
Both are very good , I prefer the first without the frame. Your frame is very good here nevertheless.
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01/05/13 12:58 AM GMT
Neat work. A fine creation this is!
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01/22/13 10:26 PM GMT
I like this work a great deal. The essense of this picture is powerful and well rendered.
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