Blue Philotes  

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Uploaded: 05/02/04 6:00 PM GMT
Blue Philotes
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"Philotes are the fundamental building blocks of all matter and energy. Philotes have neither mass nor inertia. Philotes have only location, duration, and connection." Card Orson Scott - The Ender Saga A little tribute to a excellent Saga


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05/02/04 6:19 PM GMT
This really flows and has both energy and hope. Very nice!! ;)
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B.J. ;)
05/02/04 6:22 PM GMT
Thanks. I was afraid that it might be too "bright"... but it seems that's not the case.
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- Let me show you the world through my eyes... - ICQ: 212610647
05/02/04 7:17 PM GMT
Nice image, I love all the blues in it. Also, Ender's Game was the first long-ish book I ever read I think, I remember really enjoying it even though it was so long ago. If you liked that and if you happen to be a Halo player, there is a book that is a prequel to Halo, and a surprisingly excellent read. Just thought I'd recommend it to you. Nice work again on the abstract!
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A wise man once said something.
05/02/04 7:20 PM GMT
wow ur a smart one to know all about Philotes and to create a picture as breathtaking as this well done 10/10 and in my faves!
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05/02/04 7:30 PM GMT
This is a dang nice abstract. Beautiful... lovely.
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"A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it." -G.K. Chesterton
05/02/04 11:25 PM GMT
agree with all the above - a beautifully crafted pattern and nice colour pallette to boot - 10+favs
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
05/03/04 12:08 AM GMT
This is a great abstract. It also makes a great desktop. Blue is a very calming, soothing color & there are many days I need to be soothed!!!! This image also flows very gently. Good job. I don't think this is too bright, but just right. A 10/10 & in my fav's on my HD. Thanks you KJ.
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"You can observe a lot by watching"-Yogi Berra
05/03/04 3:40 AM GMT
awesome job... not much more to say.. 10/10 ;]
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
05/03/04 2:47 PM GMT
i love it , great colour and all the movement it shows as taken by the wind in different direction....awesome image. 10/10 you deserve it.well done.:-)
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enjoy nature and respect your enviorment.....
05/04/04 6:00 AM GMT
Amazing! I really love your work! It flows so nicely together and the lights and darks make for an almost 3D illusion effect. 10/10
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If you can not honestly believe that you WILL get what you want, you just simply WONT.
05/05/04 11:53 AM GMT
A D10F from me too -it's like swirling brushstrokes of light.
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never give up
05/05/04 6:36 PM GMT
Thank you all for the great comments!
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- Let me show you the world through my eyes... - ICQ: 212610647
05/07/04 11:09 AM GMT
Amazing, love all your really creative! this is going in my fav's! well done!
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§ *Jack* §
05/08/04 6:36 PM GMT
¡¡Buen trabajo!! Fantastica directamente a mis favoritos
Good work!! Fantastic directly to my favorites

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"El que no ama la vida,no es digno de ella" - Da Vinci
05/10/04 11:35 AM GMT
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Out of the corner of my eye I can see a new direction. Yes, I can see a new path.
05/18/04 7:10 PM GMT
This is lovely. It reminds me of a really close up picture of black hair done as a negative.
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05/23/04 5:27 PM GMT
very cool and energetic, i've met *orson scott card by the way, he's very interestin, but very cool.
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06/07/04 9:19 PM GMT
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"This is your story."
06/16/04 2:37 AM GMT
Very nice contrast! I also like the centeral theme.
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07/10/04 10:13 AM GMT
very reminds me of the book "gathering blue"
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08/04/04 1:21 AM GMT
i love the picture and description!
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Mull3tboii - Life is good, please enjoy it while is lasts.
08/27/04 9:19 PM GMT
great picture.. good job!
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kisses aren't contracts, and presents aren't promises
09/04/04 11:20 PM GMT
Wow, very good job!
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"USA Today has come out with a new survey: Apparently three out of four people make up 75 percent of the population."
09/09/04 6:08 PM GMT
I like the rw but i like the darker version more. Great!!
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Ange "Out of the flames..from the ash..I will arise...Phoenix"
09/20/04 9:36 PM GMT
Agree with above. That is an excellent abstract and just plain smashing!!
Good luck :o)
PS nice helmet
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Hey, I'm the visionary, you come up with the nuts and bolts.
01/29/05 9:31 PM GMT
Ahh, this has to be the coolest picture I've ever seen, it looks nice on my background too.
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03/15/05 8:23 PM GMT
Amazing image, Great desktop!
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No matter what happens today, There will always be a tomorrow.
04/16/05 5:55 AM GMT
Ok, this picture has probably made a record, it has been on my background for months, I can't get over it. Just wanted to let you know how MUCH I enjoy it. Thanks!
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"Day is night in New York City, Smoke like water runs inside - Steel idle trees to pity - Every living things that’s died" - Boston - 1976
04/27/05 10:44 AM GMT
loooove this one
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08/07/05 7:32 AM GMT
10 out of 10 - This is a beautiful and ethereal piece, well done! Love the blue...
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The way to know life is to love many things. .:Van Gogh:. Do you need an Angel?
06/04/06 12:16 AM GMT
love this....i love the blue....
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08/04/06 5:42 PM GMT
Excellent job! The blue is amazing
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11/11/06 8:10 PM GMT
Love it, love it!
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03/15/07 10:17 PM GMT
Neat image. I'm really curious about the rules of these contests, though it's kind of fun trying to infer them from the resulting images and comments.

This looks like the technique described in the 'Fractal Flowers' tutorial (written later?). Not sure though. Just curious really.

Wonderful colours.

- cfr
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05/15/09 12:43 AM GMT
That is really pretty! I love how the blue curves and turns make it look wild and peaceful at the same time.
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