Celestial Array  

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Uploaded: 11/04/07 3:44 PM GMT
Celestial Array
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Another one of my "Celestial" series paintings created in Adobe photoshop and Corel Draw 12. I was inspired to draw lunar art by and artist named Greg Martin. You may want to check him out for yourself at


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11/04/07 5:29 PM GMT
Love this one as well.
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11/07/07 1:29 AM GMT
I like this. It's especially good at the larger size on my screen. Love all the 'star dust'.
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11/07/07 3:44 PM GMT
I love the stars, and it all has great detail. Nice work.
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She was the still point of the turning world.
11/07/07 6:20 PM GMT
Very well done, and quite dramatic. If anything, you might have taken this back into the editor and made the clouds a bit more realistic with some judicious cloning from what is already there. Very nice work overall.
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11/07/07 8:27 PM GMT
beautifully done, but maybe the haze between the ring and the bottom of the planet could be more transperent, to show you the whole picture.
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12/24/07 3:19 PM GMT
I just caught this on the Front Page. What a Truly magnificant composition!!
Seriously GREAT Work!!
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12/24/07 3:29 PM GMT
This is GORGEOUS, great work!
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01/10/08 11:04 PM GMT
agree with above! I'm usually not a big border person, but this one makes the picture all come together. great job!
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01/13/08 11:07 PM GMT
Thanks to all of you for your kind remarks and feedback!!
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02/02/08 7:18 PM GMT
Superb! Sorry I missed it when you posted it but so glad I fell upon it in the perm gallery! Very nice work! Wen
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07/17/10 4:34 PM GMT
Fantastic piece of art, top marks, well done.
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