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Uploaded: 06/24/05 9:35 PM GMT
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This poster was created with single image of Smoke using a number of filters and a little creative input on my part. It's pure Pop Art. There's supposed to be a contest for Pop Art but I can't find it.


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06/24/05 9:46 PM GMT
Excellent composition and palette. Well done, Peter.
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06/24/05 9:58 PM GMT
Well done.
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06/24/05 10:59 PM GMT
Very nice.. Like it..
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06/25/05 12:10 AM GMT
Hello Peter...I really am enjoying the way the little squares in the back are drawn to the front by the wavy draws the REFLECTIONS word right on into the colours too...which are absolutely beautiful. The whole design seems to "mesh" with the blues and greens...into one liquid pool of beauty..VERY nice indeed. Its good to see a posting of yours too....
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06/25/05 1:00 AM GMT
Ecellent image peter.
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06/25/05 7:50 AM GMT
Beautiful work, Peter ^_^
The colours are so calm and refreshing!
High marks for this one, well done :]
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06/25/05 8:39 PM GMT
Probably one of my favorites. Beautiful work. I hope you do well in the contest.
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06/29/05 12:22 AM GMT
That is soo cool...good luck in the contest
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06/29/05 12:25 AM GMT
i love it by the way
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'Truth is like a two-sided sword it cuts deep.' - Bono Come to my Gallery.
07/03/05 3:37 PM GMT
The colors are fantastic and there is really a lot to look at here! Lots of depth. I would like to see it without the word in the background - allowing the imagination roam more. I hope you do some more images like this in the future.
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07/04/05 9:15 PM GMT
And the winner is. Could be. Best of luck. Dwight.
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07/08/05 4:15 PM GMT
nice work, and i believe the contest is in contests -> current contest
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07/17/05 4:30 PM GMT
yeah nice image... but what has it got to do with pop art?? i thought that was about commercials and bright colours like lime, orange, purple, maybe i'm wrong, image is nice though
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07/19/05 10:20 AM GMT
Well done!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
08/10/05 6:04 PM GMT
You are right. I think of pop art as art made from common objects etc. So I took a monochrom photo of white smoke against a black BG and manipulated it until I got a stylized reflections poster. It is made from a photo of a common object, but clearly I missed the point.
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02/28/06 2:24 PM GMT
Hmm, not sure if you missed the point here.

This is updated 'Pop Art' to me. I can get beyond the Warhol-esque pigeonhole quite easily and accept this as a variation of.

It's a beautiful piece. Wonderfully balanced, rich and vibrant colours. Your choice of font ... size et al ... perfect.

I really like this one. Your modesty is refreshing.
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03/15/07 9:56 PM GMT
Great image. It looks like a swimming pool, so if there's any question of whether it "counts" as pop art, you should be able to come up with something. Common object: well, not in every household, but swimming pools are not unusual; commercial: flyer for local synchronised swimming team - 'Reflections' would be an excellent name for them.

I don't know what pop art is, though. Since the contest is over, the question is not of any practical import, I assume.

Want to know where you go swimming, though. Looks like a nicely designed pool. More to the point, it's _empty_!

- cfr
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