A Pensive Frog  

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Uploaded: 08/11/05 9:42 PM GMT
A Pensive Frog
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This little guy was drawn in Photoshop using my 12" Wacom tablet. I used mostly standard brushes and then did the finish work with some custom brushes for texture. It's my very first attempt to draw something from scratch. It was pretty scary but I'm happy with the results. No photo is incorporated in this drawing. It is entirely hand drawn.


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08/12/05 2:09 AM GMT
Aww.. He's cute.. I love frogs.. They are just adorable..
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One bead at a time..
08/12/05 6:43 AM GMT
You did a wonderful job. This is very, very good. The froggie is adorable!
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08/12/05 9:33 AM GMT
Wow...very nice...I agree, he is extremely sweet!
I like the number of different textures you have used here...hand-drawing in PS is very hard and time consuming, I know...but it seems to have been worth it!
Well done and good luck in the contest! :]
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08/12/05 12:30 AM GMT
Hey there! Now that little guy is totally cute!! This is your first one? that's amazing Peter...I paint on canvas..and I couldn't do up this little froggie like you have! I love the colours and how he is "sittin'" there..he looks so content...and sweet! I love his eyes! Well, let's hope this is just the beginning of many such paintings from you!!
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08/12/05 4:04 PM GMT
Thank you all. You know, the only thing about it that was hard was overcoming my own fear of starting on it. As I got into it my old techniques from college (I minored in art) started coming back and then I remembered that you can create custom dynamic burshes, like a spatter brush with color dynamics. So I experimented and it was great. At first I tried working from a photograph, but it kept screwing me up. My inner eye was quite different from the camera lens. So I just went for it and I encourage you all to try if you have a Wacom or equiv. Without it, forget it. I thought Photoshop would be harder to work with than my acrylics, but surprisingly it is much EASIER to work in. I also have started painting in Painter from Corel. It's got awesome tools as well.
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08/24/05 1:41 AM GMT
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10/02/05 7:15 AM GMT
Now I remember, it was at the time of my joining that the 'Frog Contest' was running, that I came across your images the first time.

The struggles you relayed in your use of a new medium certainly aren't present here. This looks like a very accomplished illustration. I did and still think it is a strong image. Nice use of colours, they have a quality in of themselves, and I know 'earthy' sounds a bit juvenile, but, it fits. And I like that 'earthy' quality about this image.

Can't wait to see more, nice work.
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