Island Dreams  

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Uploaded: 02/20/06 6:09 AM GMT
Island Dreams
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In addition to castles, I'm into creating some interesting forest scenes. This is a tropical island shot done in Vue 5 Infinite. The palms from Vue 5 tree maker just don't have enough resolution thus the pixolated leaves. But I posted it anyway because I like it. I have found some much higher resolution palm trees to work with. I'm also building a deep dark enchanted forest where unicorns roam and little people peak from under toad stools. And I'm building a deep humid rainforest scene complete with spanish moss if I can figure out how to build it.


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02/20/06 6:28 AM GMT
I really like the point of view in this image. The palm fronds in the foreground help give the image depth and makes the viewer feel like they are there on the island, looking down.
( Peter, is that the S.S. Minnow I see? ) This scene has plenty of potential if you re-rendered it with the higher resolution palm trees you mentioned. I am looking forward to your 'enchanted forest' you've described. :c)
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02/20/06 7:27 AM GMT
Castles and tropical islands...well, I must say I do love your choices of subject for this I am not able to critique it adequately as I don't do this type of thing but personally I don't find the pixelation at all a is quite realistic in many aspects and one might think it was just a little pixelation in a any case, I love the view and look forward to more of these from you...nice work.:Pat.
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02/20/06 6:03 PM GMT
Very nice.. Wonderful work.. Can't wait to see that forest..
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One bead at a time
02/20/06 10:55 PM GMT
At a glance you fi4rst feel that this is a actual photograph. then you enlarge it and find it is a render. to bad about the palms though. That is a real down fall in the image. but ohter then the palms well done.
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02/28/06 2:15 PM GMT
All of your work, in this particular area of cgi creation, look like screen captures from role-playing and fantasy video games, at first glance to me.

And I sincerely mean that as a compliment. To think of the resources that a complete studio with a full compliment of staff uses ... to produce scenes similar to yours ... raise your head high.

I like to think of this one as having caught my peripheral vision ... a glimpse at a beautiful island setting, that just begs ... begs to be visited. You transport me through your image onto the sands of the beach and looking back up to this vantage point.

Really nice. Really, really nice.

I stand back and await on that 'one' ... that one, that meets and exceeds your own personal standards. I want that awe, as I can only imagine the end result and barely comprehend any improvements to these (and this is my take on your words) 'lesser' finished scenes. Almost blasphemous in my books. (No offense intended in my harsh wording here, absolutely none ... you are far too modest.)

If I could, I would book my next trip here.
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04/06/06 4:34 PM GMT
amazing shot! awesome*
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06/11/07 9:31 AM GMT
Nice Work...realistic...!
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10/26/07 4:19 PM GMT
Really good. I LOVE it. I like the way it pulls you in to the picture with the depth.
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