My Enchanted Forest  

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Uploaded: 02/22/06 6:31 AM GMT
My Enchanted Forest
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This is my imaginary place in a mysterious, mystie forest just east of Faeire. I know it's kind of a girlie thing to create, but hey, I'm a secure guy...right? I built the unicorn from the poser horse and a home made horn assembled in 3ds Max. I found the frogs and the turtle on-line. with this kind of image you get 90% there in 10% of the time...the last 10% takes 90% of your time. I'm far from finished with this one, but after about 40 hours of messing and tweaking with it and building up to nearly 14 million polygons I figured it was time to share. I'm amazed at how NOT sluggish this file now that I have 2 gigs of ram. I really needed the Nvidia GPU acceleration on this one as well!


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02/22/06 6:53 AM GMT
This looks great, as do alll your recent renders, I would have reduced the brighteness of the filtered light slightly, as on my screen it is difficult to make out any of the trees behind it.
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02/22/06 9:02 AM GMT
Wow...amazing and tranquil. I have to say one the hardest things I find to achieve is lighting, and you have it down so well. Forget the girlie thing, it's all about talent...well done.
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02/22/06 12:07 AM GMT
*sigh.. i want to go there... it looks so calm and peaceful so quiet... =) beautiful work, definately a mystical image.... great work
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02/22/06 1:37 PM GMT
Neat.. I'm moving in too.. I am sure one of your castles is nearby.
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02/22/06 2:02 PM GMT
I love this! Fantasy is wonderful, we need more of it in our lives. It is so pretty and ethereal.
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02/22/06 5:19 PM GMT
Super job, Peter...would love to lose myself in there to uncover its' mysteries and re-discover the peacefulness in communing with nature.:Pat.
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02/22/06 5:31 PM GMT
Thank you all for appreciating my art. Inside your own head you always have to wonder if what you're doing means anything. Sam, as for your comment....the "God Rays" were a real quandry. I tired at different levels of intensity and decided the trees in the back need only be hinted at. The light rays are half of the dual focus of the image...WhiteHorn being the second. I think the foregrond should be quite a bit darker but due to the very long render times caused by the atmospheric effects and millions of poly's I didn't take the time to work it all out. I will. I'm also trying to get better control on my low haning mist. But it is great entertainment figuring it all out. and I need to create a more realistic unicorn...perhaps one with actual fur.
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02/22/06 5:54 PM GMT
Very nice render Peter. But it seems a little dull. It seems to need a little boost in the lighting you have to look a little also for the unicorn, He seems to be a little washed out.
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02/22/06 6:47 PM GMT
Brilliant Ace - so much atmosphere - the great spirit taking a quiet peak at our world during a coffee break
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02/28/06 2:32 PM GMT
To answer your question of sorts, "Inside your own head you always have to wonder if what you're doing means anything" ... the simple and profound answer is ... yes.

Yes, it does.

Thank you for gracing the pages of the site with your images, such as this one here ... and your words. That dialogue between artist and viewer, I have alluded to on many an occasion. To get a glimpse at the 'struggles' (complete with technical background info) is priceless to me.

This is a work in progress then? My two cents ... I can't wait to see the finished product. :)
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03/03/06 2:50 AM GMT
Enchanted indeed Peter! This is beautiful work! I know I wouldn't have the patience for it! It has such a tranquility to it. Love it! Vicky
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04/08/06 4:58 AM GMT
So much has been said about this beautiful image there is little more I can add - except that I love it :) It enchants me.
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