Legacy Falls  

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Uploaded: 10/09/07 7:49 PM GMT
Legacy Falls
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Another Bryce5 render. Thanx 4 lookin'. =)


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10/09/07 9:43 PM GMT
Oh wow what a wondeful image Dixie, straight into my faves. I love it :-)
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10/09/07 10:11 PM GMT
Very nice.
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Imagine you are there
10/10/07 4:06 AM GMT
You've created a nice feeling of movement here, my friend.

♫ :)PJ ♪

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10/10/07 8:16 AM GMT
Looks like another winner to me. The slight mist coming off the water is a nice touch.
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10/10/07 9:55 AM GMT
A Wonderful image..Stunning work..
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10/10/07 2:33 PM GMT
That is really outstanding!
That waterfall and the double layers is an incredible technique!
The blue of the sky in the mid level....
I'd sure like to have seen you compose this Image!
Fav for sure.
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10/10/07 7:18 PM GMT
Very nicely done!
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10/11/07 12:31 AM GMT
Very well done. I like the mossy rocks and the way the fog in the distance blends into the hazy sky. The water, of course, is just superb.
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10/11/07 10:35 AM GMT
I like this creation, but I sure do not like that awful looking avie!! Yikes...change please?v
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10/19/07 3:58 AM GMT
A marvelous composition.

Peaceful and sublime, perfect for a picnic.
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Sic transit gloria mundi
12/18/07 7:37 PM GMT
In Bryce, heh? Wow, I've really got a long way to go. Excellent job.
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02/03/08 10:32 PM GMT
Fantastic, Randy! I doubt I'll ever catch up here but, as I try, I keep falling upon these awesome creations of yours! Suitable for framing! Great work! Wen
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02/10/08 12:30 AM GMT
Very cool.. you should make the mountains a bit more rough and maybe a bit more rocky. But I like it, especially the nice clear water, makes me thirsty...
Btw, I am thinking about getting Bryce 6, there is like.. an 80% chance I will. :)
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02/22/08 2:12 AM GMT
this image is adorable. the mountains look like basket weave or something! it's an absolutely whimsy image. i like it.
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"more men fail for lack of purpose than lack of talent." billy sunday
12/11/08 8:22 PM GMT
Very Magical!
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05/02/09 10:01 PM GMT
Verrrrry cool.
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