Swirls And Curls  

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Uploaded: 02/06/10 4:13 AM GMT
Swirls And Curls
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Just some swirls and curls


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02/06/10 4:23 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes. :o)

Nice first post. Kind of curious as to which program or software you used?

Not entirely sure, however ... placing both of my feet where they are usually found ... some Brushes were used, perhaps?

That said, glad you took the leap of artistic faith and uploaded. Enjoy your stay. :o)
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02/06/10 4:31 AM GMT
Thanks so much, this place is a lot more friendlier than other places, I used photoshop, and yes I did use brushes. Gradient too, But it has to be proportionally laid out properly to work,
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02/06/10 9:23 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes.

Would like to see a colored version with soft colors of this one.

This is already a nice one, it's very pleasant to look at.
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02/07/10 6:36 PM GMT
-((*-::-*))- Fantastic -(( *-::-*))-
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02/09/10 11:38 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes, this is a very nice piece!
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03/17/10 1:54 PM GMT
Very creative and well thought out, lovely piece of art. Top marks well done.
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07/02/12 6:29 PM GMT
Amazing! New wallpaper!
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Adon :D

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