Nit Picking  

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Uploaded: 12/29/10 9:13 AM GMT
Nit Picking
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Another photo of the same woodpecker that has appeared in a couple of other shots. Not much has changed with him between the earlier photos and this one. Maybe he's put on some weight, or the camera is unflattering to his figure. Then again it could be a totally different bird from the other shots. Perhaps two males no longer fighting over territory deciding to share the meager resources nature has to offer. Just so long as they don't cross paths they're okay with it. Who's to say?

I've named him Harold. Harry would be too simple and just a play on words. In any event he doesn't answer to whatever I call him. So just plain old Harold works for me.

Enjoy and your comments welcomed.


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12/29/10 1:37 PM GMT
Wendell - It seems that Harold gets bugged going from tree to tree, and never seems to mind it. A patient fellow is he! Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine
12/29/10 3:43 PM GMT
I apologize for not commenting on other recent posts but the mad social whirl of the holidays has had me spinning! I love your woodpecker postings - you always seem to get a great shot of their faces - this is no exception and it appears Harold has already been working on this tree!
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12/29/10 5:03 PM GMT
Great close up and lovely detail as well,plus nice composition too.I have been doing some investigation work for you and the answer is this, is the same bird.I put both photo next to each other and the spot are identical,and before you say it no it not a twin lol.Great photo, and nice to do some detective work on the bird.
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12/29/10 6:08 PM GMT
Wendell, I can't believe the damage that Harold has done to this tree. It even looks like he's pecked axe marks into the tree while taking down that limb. Nice smudge work with the background. My only complaint with the shot is that his pecker (excuse my french) is blending into the dark background. Other than that I can't find anything to complain about. Very nice shot. And to quote my friend Wendell, "Thanks for sharing".

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12/29/10 9:54 PM GMT

This photo is sharp and I enjoy to observe the details of Harold, super! If you bring more photos of your worker, I will pay attention in his to see how you are treating well our fellow! :-) Great shot Wendell!
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Susie Sun
12/30/10 6:58 AM GMT
I have claimed Harry for my Heron so I have copyright on that one! Sorry;)LOL this is a really great shot of Harold! Great clarity and details. The lighting is really good too.
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12/30/10 9:44 AM GMT
I need to build my home by 2010 . Only a few hours left for me . God ,let me finish on time . Harold (The wood pecker) said. Bijan
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12/31/10 10:11 PM GMT
Interesting capture, well done
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01/01/11 8:02 PM GMT
NIcely done Wen!
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01/10/11 7:17 PM GMT
Great shot of Mr. Downy or is Mr. Hairy, they look alike but different sizes. You are as bad as me as to naming your birds and I even name the fox that comes around every night.
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