Shaggy Dog  

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Uploaded: 11/22/12 12:24 AM GMT
Shaggy Dog
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That's pretty much what I'm seeing when I look at this shot.

This would also just happen to be the Waddell Falls. But who wants to look at a photo called Waddell Falls when you can look at one called Shaggy Dog. Of course now I will have to go out and find an actual shaggy dog to photograph.

Enjoy and your comments welcomed.


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11/22/12 3:31 AM GMT
i see him i see him wendell, isn't he the same dog as used to be on the old tv show dennis the menace? or was that some other old black and white show, love your commentary as usual and a great shot as well!!
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11/22/12 8:22 AM GMT
Could be worse mate...

could be 'Wendell' Falls eh!!

It does look like a dogs lugs (ears) too
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11/22/12 4:51 PM GMT
Great looking photo and you had tears running down my face when I opened the page up to see this scene.It does have a look of a dogs head with long fur,like a old English sheep dog.I would also like to see Wendell falls lol .
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11/23/12 1:48 AM GMT
Certainly is a big one. You didn't tell us where this is.
Anyway, it's a beautiful shot.
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11/23/12 4:14 PM GMT
The water is so white and frothy I like how it seems to fan out with that big rock in the middle
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11/23/12 5:38 PM GMT
Love the effect you got from the ND filter on the water.
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11/23/12 5:40 PM GMT
Beautiful B/W shot Wendell, love the way the falls look like velvet
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Have a Sunny Day
11/23/12 10:03 PM GMT
A great capture my Friend; nicely done and I like the B/W.
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11/25/12 5:03 PM GMT
Works well as a B&W Wendel very nice.

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