Step Lightly  

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Uploaded: 01/09/13 1:57 AM GMT
Step Lightly
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Hector out for his daily stroll. He unfortunately does not like to get his feet wet. That being the case he cut his strut short and decided it would be better all-around if he just perched today.

Enjoy and your comments welcomed.


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01/09/13 3:06 AM GMT
Reminds me of dogs I've had in prior years - cute winter image.
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01/09/13 4:04 AM GMT
Reminds me of one of my barn cats .... "The Queen" doesn't want her paws to be wet or cold.
Funny and cute shot.
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01/09/13 4:51 AM GMT
I like this photo my Friend. A most intereting view and the look on that little dude's face says it all. I'm not saying another word.
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01/09/13 8:21 AM GMT
Cold feet...cold feet...cold feet...cold feet...cold feet...nice one Wendell.

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01/09/13 2:47 PM GMT
I don't like my feet cold or wet either but I do like your image.
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01/09/13 5:21 PM GMT
Not feeling cold ? .......Bijan
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01/09/13 6:46 PM GMT
He looks desperate for food and suffering from very cold feet. Nice image of black on white and very good composition too.I also like how light and shade give contour to the snow as well.
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01/10/13 3:29 AM GMT
Cute capture.
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01/13/13 2:28 PM GMT
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01/17/13 6:11 AM GMT
Great title for a great capture, looks like he really doesn't like the snow on his feet
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