Dark Shrooms  

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Uploaded: 10/21/13 12:16 AM GMT
Dark Shrooms
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The same mushrooms as seen in the previous shot. This time from a different angle and editing. I originally set out yesterday to get some fall foliage shots and ended up getting everything but fall colour shots. I was much too busy looking at my footing on the trails to take the time to look up and take in my surroundings.

Enjoy and your comments welcomed.


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10/21/13 12:20 AM GMT
Very special image... Most charming version, almost B&W, of fantastic clarity and perfect lighting [in spite of its lack LOL]
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
10/21/13 2:26 AM GMT
I like your editing on this one, it looks good to me, not tasty but good. :) Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/21/13 7:04 AM GMT
Best time of year to snap these too!..I should be out, but our weather ain't kind to me at the moment!
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"Never stop photographing. It is very likely that your best photograph has not yet been captured"
10/21/13 10:23 AM GMT
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10/21/13 10:23 AM GMT
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10/21/13 2:30 PM GMT
I like the slight glow on the top.
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. . . "What a desolate place would be a world without a flower! It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome." A.J. Balfour
10/21/13 3:10 PM GMT
Great work and image
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♥ Skates ♥
10/21/13 4:43 PM GMT
You can almost feel the damp but warm feel of this photo it as the typical mushroom environment look to this capture and love the light reflecting of the mushroom edge.
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