What Would You Do?  

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Uploaded: 06/12/14 1:19 AM GMT
What Would You Do?
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A recent sunset that saw fit to glow. Ordinarily I would go through the painstaking process of removing all the wires, poles and any other 'distractions' such as intergalactic space monsters masquerading as fluffy bunny-shaped clouds. I didn't do that this time. Feel free to fill your boots if you find anything distracting in the scene.

Enjoy and your comments welcomed.


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06/12/14 1:34 AM GMT
Wendell, I have never bought into the thinking here at Caedes that telephone wires are ugly and should be removed. I am probably in a minority viewpoint, but, I like the scene, being photographed, to include what you saw and what attracted you to it in the first place.

They add character, they add story. They are as real to this scene as is the sun, the trees, and the clouds. You have a terrific picture, period.
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06/12/14 5:25 AM GMT
Works both ways as john says!...Some lines work, others don't!...

and I kinda think they work in this!..they are not 'too' intrusive and also adds dimension to the image
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"Never stop photographing. It is very likely that your best photograph has not yet been captured"> "You can observe a lot by just watching". - Yogi Berra
06/12/14 5:44 AM GMT
Well, I'm just the opposite when it comes to poles and wires. They usually are a distracting influence and of no value.
I can't even recall the last time I encountered any that were acceptable, let alone a useful component, but it was immediately obvious to me that the image would actually be negatively affected if they were removed from this image.
The sharp, dark diagonals work nicely as a separation between night and first light.
They also provide significant depth which would be practically nonexistent without those wires against the sky.
Your instincts were bang on, Wendell. Well done.
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06/12/14 8:17 AM GMT
Excellent shot of this lovely Sunset,Very well captured.
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06/12/14 8:32 AM GMT
Beautiful sunset, Very well captured Wendell.
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06/12/14 12:02 AM GMT
First of all that sky is fantastic, and second I think the wires work fine in this image. I'm not a fan of wires, but they add more of perspective for this capture.
Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/12/14 1:09 PM GMT
Who am I to speak after all these masters before me:)?!:)
I will only add that our SAC [John] comment appeals most to me and meets my own impressions closest. Only that I would provide my own story to match your setting here and this would be a long romantic [or rather sensual one] slightly nostalgic too...
In short this is one terrific image period.LOL
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
06/12/14 2:44 PM GMT
Spectacular sight.
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06/12/14 3:50 PM GMT
Nice sunset Wendell - sometimes it is just better to post with all showing. We live in a world of wires. Red sky at night - sailor's delight.
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Life is a Constant Audition
06/12/14 5:49 PM GMT
I like the wires it makes this a true photo and the colours are stunning it like the sky is on fire and very good composition too.This is one if the photo you have to capture in a short time why the scene last as it changes very quickly so well done mate.
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06/13/14 1:27 AM GMT
I like it with wires and poles, truly is a wonderful shot and brilliant colours
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06/13/14 6:45 AM GMT
The wires give the photo a flow from left to right. What a glorious sunset. I haven't seen any like that in a long time!
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