Upword Bound revised  

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Uploaded: 01/18/05 1:18 PM GMT
Upword Bound revised
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I made some suggested changes. Please Vote if you like it. Thanks to all who commented.


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01/18/05 1:39 PM GMT
I like it. Very nice image idea and design. Good job.
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01/18/05 1:45 PM GMT
Very creative design...I like it...good job
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But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling, like dew, upon a thought produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions think and smile. Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.
01/18/05 4:13 PM GMT
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01/18/05 5:09 PM GMT
I hope you don't hate me haha, but I really wish you kept the other one uploaded so I could compare them easier, but I really loved that spark under the chin when it was Red! Making it purple turned the whole image monochromatic-like (which is also good). I think that the red spark adds a LOT of interest and compliments the purple hues. I also like this rendition however, and still gets my high marks.
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." -Chinese Proverb
01/27/05 11:45 PM GMT
Personally I think this deserves a bit higher rating. Love the image. I didn't see the original so I can't compare, but I think it's beautiful. Only thing for me would be the flame-frax. They look somewhat pixelated, but the face makes up for it :) Creative blend of computer art and photomanipulation
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*~Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen~*
01/28/05 6:14 PM GMT
Powerful ... but ... a little too 'exorcistic' for me to use on 'my' desktop. That is certainly not meant as a knock though. I do feel the activity on the viewer's left could have been more ... connected to the right instead of ... filler.

But I see no need for a 'revised revisited' ... 'son of revised' ... 'it came from the swamp of revised' ... 'people eaters from the planet revised are revisiting earth'

Thanks for sharing
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01/31/05 10:23 PM GMT
wow...great job...i like the 3-d ness lol.....its absolutly scary for my desktop...lmfao...i luv it though so its gettin a 10/10 because of the colours and the way u put it together....not a big fan of pink or purple....but u made it look great....great job
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Keep doing what you do best!
04/10/05 10:20 PM GMT
That's quite a work of art! Nicely done. Thanks
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06/19/05 5:00 PM GMT
very kewl idea. I love the fact that you used so much purple as well =)
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Cause friends don't waste wine when there's words to sell...
06/21/05 9:14 PM GMT
I like it a lot! I love purple and I really like the face, looking up like this....
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06/21/05 11:48 PM GMT
Very interesting design. I like the fact that you used purple as the main color. ^_^
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08/19/05 1:20 PM GMT
Great design concept, love it.
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08/19/05 1:23 PM GMT
Great design concept, lovin it.
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j.O: Check out my Website at JoezWorld.<br> Current project: Cherry project<br> 1. Fenced<br> 2. Cherry Red<br> 3. CherryOS
08/21/05 5:18 PM GMT
wow purple is my favorite color and i love this! 10/10 thankx for sharing have a great day! (^_^)
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12/03/05 3:12 PM GMT
this is a wonderful and powerful manipulatioo,,wow...Im without words,,,awesome !!!
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12/05/05 10:32 AM GMT
WOW , beatiful, really beautifull....
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12/21/05 6:24 PM GMT
I love this!!! It Beautiful great work.
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05/05/06 4:57 PM GMT
+5 in Creativity
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10/11/06 3:21 PM GMT
Well I didn't get to see the other one to compare. but this is a very nice image, very well done too. Nice colours, very creative!
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04/04/07 4:32 AM GMT
Very impressive. I do get the feeling of rising or acending to a higher level.
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06/30/07 7:38 PM GMT
Very cool!! Love the colors and blending.The "wispiness" certainly gives a sense of motion and of ascension, nicely done!!

Wow, this is the color of purple I keep trying to get my hair color (but it fades too quickly...I am so jealous).
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07/08/07 3:09 PM GMT
very nice work
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02/16/09 4:17 AM GMT
This has always been one of my favorites on this entire website. I love this picture.
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05/09/16 5:51 AM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Faved!
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