Spin Doctor  

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Uploaded: 08/30/09 3:15 PM GMT
Spin Doctor
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Enjoy this if you can!:):)


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08/30/09 4:05 PM GMT
Beautifully done. Love the blue and yellow.
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08/30/09 5:15 PM GMT
So Beautiful work with Lovely colors.
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08/30/09 8:54 PM GMT
So awesome Bruce! I made one like this a few years back but I must have deleted it cause I can't find it...hehe...Sharp design and great colors!
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08/31/09 6:19 AM GMT
I'm spinning ... excellent creation Bruce.
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This is it! ... MJ
08/31/09 8:16 AM GMT
It's a giant slinky of DooM!
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09/01/09 12:50 AM GMT
Very neon looking!!
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09/01/09 1:52 AM GMT
Cool creation! What came to mind when I saw the colors (which are very nice) are all the lights at an amusement park at night. The blue and yellow remind me of the lights on the rides... good times :D
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09/01/09 3:46 AM GMT
very cool image!! it reminds me of a slinky toy. Great job!
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09/01/09 11:47 AM GMT
Excellent design...Nice title too! :) Favs...
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09/02/09 4:00 PM GMT
A happy neon spiral! Very cool Bruce, and great job!
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09/09/09 3:23 PM GMT
This is one of your best works. I like the simplicity.
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12/12/09 4:25 AM GMT
How did I miss THIS one? Considering it's bloo and all! It's gorgeously awesome too!!.Neonized! Very kewl!! Verena
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