Flame On  

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Uploaded: 10/12/09 2:43 PM GMT
Flame On
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The flame 'flame' is from apop 2.02 that I made a long time ago when I thought I new how to use apop:):)Actually the flame from apop is just the corner of each square flame area that I duplicated and then built up to form each quadrant and then assemble in P.N. Is that to much info?:):) ACW as usual. B


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10/12/09 2:53 PM GMT
I believe this is something so difficult for me to realize. I really never get deep on Ap, then congrats for such ability.
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10/12/09 3:24 PM GMT
Way too much info for my head!'re just too talented Bruce. Love your work buddy! Beautiful colors and a fab design!
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10/12/09 3:25 PM GMT
They're like portals into another dimension. Love the creativity!
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“The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.” - Thomas Hardy
10/12/09 7:12 PM GMT
Super work. Take your pick of the portals, however no return is possible!

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10/12/09 9:13 PM GMT
The process sounds complicated, but I'm sure enjoying the end result. Most definitely warms up my DT on this wintery autumn day. Beautiful work Bruce.
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“There are many paths but only one journey.”
10/13/09 8:53 PM GMT
Exciting and so Fantastic work..Love it
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10/13/09 9:00 PM GMT
Another wonderful creation Bruce, your so talented.
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE CANADIANS, which is the Oct. 12. Heavy Frost this morning only 3C out.
10/16/09 12:18 AM GMT
Wonderful 3D creation, Bruce! It's perfect for the symmetry contest and I love those flames! You really do wonders with those programs! Best of luck in the contest! :)
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