Time Warp  

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Uploaded: 11/10/10 7:05 PM GMT
Time Warp
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I was going to post this last week but tomorrow got in the way so today I posted it for yesterday so you could see it today and enjoy it tomorrow and yesterday had you been around then!:):)Got it?:)


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11/10/10 9:49 PM GMT
So Cool and so Fabulous work,Bruce..Beautiful colors and Superb design.Faved.
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11/10/10 10:22 PM GMT
Creative watch innards you've got here Bruce - nice job.
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11/10/10 11:02 PM GMT
Ohhh...I have got to link this!...Nice design!
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11/11/10 12:32 AM GMT
Sorry Bruce but I was busy that day. I do have an open moment six weeks ago next Wednesday, I'll try and slip it in then. But I'm sure you've done some spectacular work involving some convoluted colour shifting and lines (always with the lines) shapes; and if it's about time they would have to be circular (or is that just logic?) Gorgeous work in there somewhere when you finally get this done and I get around to seeing it. Until then none of this makes sense, but it will or did....
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Think about the photo before and after, never during. The secret is to take your time. You mustn't go too fast. The subject must forget about you. Then, however, you must be very quick. Henri Cartier-Bresson
11/11/10 12:57 AM GMT
Makes perfect redneck sense to me.
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11/11/10 1:15 AM GMT
Amazing, gorgeous, and perfect! Does that say it all?
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11/11/10 2:01 AM GMT
Certainly a case of better late than never Bruce.
Brilliant work.
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11/11/10 12:03 AM GMT
Oh I DO like this so much !
Actually I propably got to see it tomorrow the time differences being what they are, But I shall enjoy it today as well and wish I had the chance to see it yesterday but that is past.
Time marches on

Super work !!
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust
11/11/10 1:50 PM GMT
This sure does rock with colour and shapes.Great looking design and very nice layout too.
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11/11/10 2:58 PM GMT
Now this is a really interesting collection. It does remind me somewhat of watch innards! I like the intricate patterns and repetitions on this - makes a great desk top too!
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11/13/10 3:56 AM GMT
Outstanding piece!!!!
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11/14/10 9:16 PM GMT
Magnificent creation and love those colours
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11/18/10 6:42 PM GMT
Nice work!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
11/28/10 7:02 PM GMT
Have had your image here bookmarked for some time now.

Was going to comment then, when you first thought about posting/uploading ... then, there was a rip in the fabric of time, I believe (think it had something to do with time eating too much at the Thanksgiving table and not having the presence of mind to wear 'stretchy pants').

Subsequently and consequently, commenting got postponed (hard to find a match for the thread colour to repair the rip, as I understand it).

Finally, here's I be to place some words..

Love this one, Bruce.


A slight nudge upwards and to the right, compositionally speaking, would eliminate the mergers at the bottom of the frame (three spheres touching the outer frame, simply put).

But.. but ... minor at best and me nit picking.

This is 'one of those' that resonated with me immediately and upon first glance.

Very fine work and I thank you for sharing this one with us. :o)
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