I Dream of Language  

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Uploaded: 06/29/06 12:02 AM GMT
I Dream of Language
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The idea for this came about from my work on my thesis. I've been reading so much literary theory, I literally started dreaming about the authors I've been studying, so I photographed a page out of one of my sources (Bakhtin's _The Dialogic Imagination_ Page 294, if you're curious). and manipulated it. I hope you all like it :)


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06/29/06 12:43 AM GMT
Neat idea, but the blurriness hurts my eyes. The center lighting may also be a bit harsh. Good effort though!
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06/29/06 1:50 AM GMT
I added this to my favorites. It speaks to me.
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06/29/06 2:00 AM GMT
a very interesting and creative idea-very different than the others in the contest....i like it...
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06/29/06 4:48 PM GMT
very cool idea, i really like it...even though it kinda makes me dizzy. I like how there is only one line that is focused, and it seems to be kind of a pwerful statement (that may be just because of the focus thing). the lighting in the middle (as smooth said) may be a little bit to strong. very creative, best of luck in the contest. ~abby
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06/30/06 3:36 AM GMT
I can imagine that that's what the words really do look like after a Great idea!!
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08/19/06 7:00 AM GMT
i dont get the dizzy thing, im fine, so its even better for that. i love it, meaningfull to a writer
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04/05/10 2:25 PM GMT
this image caught my eye, i immediately tried reading the underlined lines and became frustrated because of the blurriness and lighting then my eyes fell upon the clear precise line in the middle, one word ..... brilliant. nice work : )
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